The council convenes at the start of the year.

- Carmen requests suspending or delaying vis salaries until the summer solstice. Vocis, Arachne, and Guillaume have supported this, with no objections voiced.
- Carmen proposes a Drake Hunt to replenish the covenant's vis stores.
- Solomon volunteers to catalog the library. Vocis offers Micaela to assist him.
- Solomon and Vocis offer to perform vis extraction, but Carmen feels this won't be necessary.
- Vulcanus offers to fortify the covenant's physical defenses and requests assistance in establishing a forge.
- Vulcanus offers one season's crafting per cycle as a bargaining chip with Harco. Carmen nominates (appoints?) him as our head of Artificing.
- Arachne offers to renew our magical defenses and establish security protocols among the grogs. Carmen nominates Arachne as our head of Security.
- Carmon nominates Alexandro as turb captain.
- Vocis and Guillaume volunteer to train 'expeditionary' grogs, including Wizard's Lance tactics.
- Carmen recommends we keep the standard tradition of working for the covenant one season per year in exchange for 3 pawns of vis.
- The following 'offices' have been mentioned, with no specific volunteers or nominees: Marshall, investigations, vis harvesting/oversight, librarian, Hermetic trade, mundane trade.
- Reestablishment of our trade agreement with House Mercere has been mentioned several times, but no course of action has been proposed.

- A team of magi meet with the Drakes. They agree to renew their accord if the Magi dispatch the Brute, an giant monster that kills and eats Ogres. Vibria recognizes it as Gulio the Ghoul, a fairy tales character.
- Gardaitis, on his way to Andorra, is ambushed by Ogres, but saved by the Brute, who proves able to smell magic. The brute disappears, a moment before the magi of andorra, along with the Three Drakes arrive, guided by Celeste, vocis familiar.
- At the covenant, Arachné and Vulcanus discover what Vulcanus believes to be the True Vault of Valdarius. Vulcanus would like to explore it more, but is asked by Carmen to follow him to chase the Brute, while Arachné stays behind.
- Arachné unveils her plans to set up wooden mannequins, disguised as humans, as magical sentries in the covenant.
- The Magi track the Brute, to no avail, meeting a magus, gardaitis, and his charges, that were saved from Ogres by the brute. Resting and searching for clues as to their quarry's location, they discover they are being spied upon by Goblins. Capturing one, they hear of a gold hoard kep by the wyrm of Las Salines, and head to the village. Problem is, as soon as they reach it, they learn that a large forces are converging on it, one of giants, one of goblins. They hastily prepare some defenses, but, when carmen's flight spell is dispelled by the Hag, the Brute appears and attack the goblins, finally defeating BoB (Big Ogre Boss). Carmen thus declares the Brute an ally and friend of Andorra



Christmas in Barcelona (Solomon, Selim, Carmen, Vibria, Tiana)


Fleur joins Covenant of Andorra
Sharkman Begins (Pere, Acutus)
Road to Pamplona (Fleur, Fedora, Pere, Acutus)
Take the Truth with Many Grains of Salt: Arnau and his men, along with Selim, Vibria and Antoni face the return of Salakk
Leadership Class [Fausto] (Vibria, Roberto, Arnau, Bernhard, Armando, Javier, Oscar, Allen, Albert, Carlos, Wen, Vicenç, Vidal)
Boot Camp [Moe] (Bernhard, Alexandre, Alejandro, Guy)


Terror in Transylvania (Vocis, Micaela)
Combat Training [Fausto] (Vibria, Roberto, Arnau, Bernhard, Armando, Javier, Oscar, Selim, Allen, Albert, Carlos, Cristobal, Antoni, Agusti, Assumpcio, Alejandro, Guy, Vidal)
Boot Camp [Moe] (Wen, Lucia, Bienvenido, Heinrich, David, Jimmy)

Fall :

Lucas joins Covenant of Andorra
A Very Spirited All Hallows Eve (Fleur, Roberto, Vibria, Arachne, Lucas, Pere, Vocis, Acutus, Selim)
Combat Training [Fausto] (Alexandre, Wen, Lucia, Bienvenido, Heinrich, Bartholomew, Gregory, Guillermo, David, Jimmy)
Boot Camp [Moe & Armando] (Selim, Vidal)
Magic Lore Training [Marius]
Latin Training [Draganna]



Antoine joins Covenant of Andorra (either as Journeyman [Sa Dragonera] or Pledge [Andorra])
Moe dies, the covenant mourns
Moonlight in Giza (Roberto, Selim, Bashir, Lucas)
Donna seeks an apprentice (Donna, Jesus)
Survival Training [Armando]
Magic Lore Training[Marius]
Latin Training [Draganna]


The Visitor (Roberto)


The Asylum Seeker (Bernat, Fleur)
The Search for Princess Soteira (Roberto, Acutus…)


Expedition to the City of Brass (Solomon, Selim, Roberto, Arnau, Vibria, Arachne, Bernhard, Bashir…)

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