• Alberto, sergeant of the Andorran Guard.
  • Alonso, ordinary grog of the Covenant
  • Amada, journeyman scribe, daughter of Vocis, wife of Liberto
  • Angelus ex Miscellanea, A holy hermit from Cunfin covenant, who contemplates the Divine.
  • Antoni, a large, friendly grog whose toughness is matched by his love for food.
  • Arachné, the Spider, Mistress, Warden, she became Pontifex Majore in Summer 1236. A rustic maga that specializes in traps and magic suppression.
  • Armando, sergeant of the Andorran Guard
  • Artemis of Tremere, a member of Bellaquin covanent who looks like a female version of Vocis.
  • Artorius Filius Celeres ex Bonisagus, 'Squire' to Celeres ex Bonisagus in Cunfin covenant.
  • Attumah, barbaric merman who may have killed King Triton, and definitely kidnapped Princess Soteira. Now dead.

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