Acutus Ilfetwis Quarters

Acutus' quarters exist in a regio 1,200 feet underwater along the Baetic Cordillera about 5 miles southwest of Sa Dragonera. The regio was formed before the birth of Christ when a magical ship of an ancient mgic-using cult sailing to Sa Dragonera was besieged by enemies of the cult and was sunk by powerful magics. The crew was all killed but the ship survived intact and the confluence of magical energy created a regio where the ship now rests. Scattered ancient coins from the ship now lie at the bottom of the ocean, and those who follow their somewhat circuitous path into the side of an underwater mountain can enter the regio.

The regio itself is a cavern devoid of water with soft, moist sand on the ground. The ship itself rests in the center of the cavern, filling much of the space. The massive wooden ship was clearly designed with magical aid and is an awe-inspiring sight. Acutus uses the ship as his sanctum, having taken up residence in the stateroom, and has setup a lab in one of the rooms below deck. The ship appears to have been on a mission of trade or to possibly form a covenant on Sa Dragonera, as there is great wealth and numerous trinkets still onboard. In addition, numerous lab tools already onboard have enabled Acutus to setup his lab without having to transport too many items from the surface.

Outside the regio, Acutus has exerted his will as apex predator of the area, and has local sharks and other undersea predators that warn him of dangers or curious sailors near the area.


+0 Journeyman


+3 Strong Aura
+0 Partially Controlled Regio – Cave which constitutes his entire quarters


+1 Difficult Access - Underwater
-1 Unhealthy Feature – The fact that the regio is in a cave with no access to sunlight and is constantly damp makes it less healthy than other quarters in the area (negates the “free” healthy feature)
+1 Secluded – Underwater in a regio


+1 Important Building – The ship that serves as his sanctum was built by ancient magi
+1 Superior Engineering – The ship was clearly designed/built with magical aid
-1 Wooden – The ship is wooden


+1 Private Income – The ship’s cargo is full of great wealth; In an effort not to flood markets or bring too much attention to himself, Acutus is limiting his “allowance” to 15£ a year
+3 Personal Resources (Greater) - This (plus qp’s spent in Mustering Out) represent the lab supplies he is going to build his lab out of as well as potential ancient texts to form a small library


-3 No Staff


+1 Informants/Agents – Shark and dolphin undersea intelligence network

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