Founded: 1073
Status: Autumn

Situated on a mountain crag in the Taurus Mountains of Lesser Armenia, al-Arama is one of the few covenants founded in the period between the first and second foundation of the tribunal. The covenant is primarily concerned with trade with a number of covenants in the Roman tribunal. Until recently al-Arama enjoyed a complete monopoly on Levantine trade, but the efforts of Esther of Verditius of Domus Pacis have broken this, and her name is considered a dirty word by the covenant’s denizens. Situated as it is in a much more remote and vis-rich location than the Domus Pacis, al-Arama still has the monopoly on trade of vis to the Roman tribunal, but it would still like to regain its position of complete supremacy. Although they do not bear any resentment to the other magi of Domus Pacis, the magi of the covenant would be likely to aid other magi hostile to Esther, if they thought they could get away with it.

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