Amalia, Tremere Diviner

Amalia is a diviner of the house, using her spells to acquire information on the house's targets and follow the flow of battle, feeding it to Tremere strategists. Whatever the medium, she can work with it to get what she wants, speaking to stone and plant with equal ease. Despite working usually far from the battlelines, her abilities may be needed anywhere, requiring Translocation abilities.

Lineage Virtues: Affinity with Intellego, Puissant Intellego, Quiet Magic (x1)
Lineage Flaws: Disjointed Magic
Favored Arts and Skills: Intellego

Amalia, Tremere Diviner, 00 years PG
Amalia, Tremere Diviner, 40 years PG
Amalia, Tremere Diviner, 60 years PG

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