Anaelle, Tremere Summoner

Like most Tremere, Anaelle concentrates on Rego Magics.

As a mercurian and spell binder, though, her role is quite different from the house's necromancers: She is to create everlasting enchantments at little cost, as well as create elemental servants to serve as troups to the house. She is also supposed to summon and bind various spirits in everlasting servitude, thus providing diverse and enduring ressources to her lineage.
Her abilities potentially make her quite suitable to cast an Aegis, even on the field: Not only does she use less vis, but she has less chance to botch, as she was lucky enough to learn the Secure Ritual Mastery from a bonisagus.

Of course, as a soldier, she is expected to be able to handle herself into battle, at least against mundane or weak opponents.

Lineage Virtues: Mercurian Magic, Affinity with Creo, Affinity with Rego, Spell Binding
Lineage Flaws: Weak Spontaneous Magic, Favors (House Bonisagus)
Favored Arts and Skills: Creo, Rego, Artes Liberales, Philosophiae, Penetration

Anaelle +00
Anaelle +10
Anaelle +20
Anaelle +30
Anaelle +40

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