Tribunals of the Order of Hermes

This is a list of the various tribunals in the Order of Hermes.

Tribunal of the Greater Alps

The Tribunal of the Greater Alps holds sway in the region around the Alps, including Bavaria. It is home to Valnastium, domus magna of House Jerbiton, and the Cave of Twisting Shadows, domus magna of House Criamon. The old covenants of this tribunal strictly enforce the status quo, allowing no new covenants to be formed within its borders. This lends the tribunal peace and stability, which its members enjoy.

Hibernian Tribunal

The Hibernian Tribunal, which consists of Hibernia and some nearby islands, is a small tribunal at the edge of Christendom. The land is wild and magical, and most magi live in isolation from the population of the land. Nevertheless, because of the relatively small size of the tribunal, a great percentage of the magi in the tribunal are involved in tribunal politics.

Iberian Tribunal

The Iberian Tribunal covers all of the Iberian peninsula, including land currently held by the Moors. The politics of the Iberian Tribunal are chiefly concerned with the Reconquista, though there is certainly nothing that could be called agreement among the magi. At least two covenants routinely side with the Moors against the Christian forces. Although conflict is common, many covenants have a great wealth of both mundane and occult knowledge, plundered from conquered Moslem libraries and gained from Moorish scholars.

Tribunal of the Levant

The Tribunal of the Levant governs the magi of Christian Palestine, as well as a few covenants scattered throughout Egypt, Asia Minor, and Syria. The covenants of this tribunal have managed to find great knowledge both in the remains of earlier civilizations and in the Muslim scholars and sorcerers who live in this area.

Loch Leglean Tribunal

The Loch Leglean Tribunal covers Scotland and the northern islands, including the Shetland and Orkney Islands. This area is highly mystical, and has the distinction that the local populace is generally more accepting of magi than folk are elsewhere. The majority of magi here are of House Ex Miscellanea, being members of the Gruagach tradition.

Normandy Tribunal

The Normandy Tribunal covers France, including Burgundy and the Low Countries. It is home to Fudarus, the domus magna of House Tytalus. As the land here becomes more and more crowded with mundanes and the influence of the Dominion, the covenants of the tribunal must become more and more hidden and isolated. Remaining apart from the mundanes becomes a more difficult task with each passing year.

Novgorod Tribunal

The Novgorod Tribunal is the farthest eastern tribunal in Christendom. It consists of the Kingdom of Poland and the Russian Principalities, as well as the Nordic and Slavic lands of the North. Vast amounts of unsettled land and little competition among Hermetic magi for magical resources make this area attractive, but problems with pagan wizards and Mongols can be severe.

Provençal Tribunal

The Provençal Tribunal covers Languedoc, including Gascony and the Pyrenees. It contains Val-Negra, the domus magna of House Flambeau. The Provençal Tribunal is the cultural center of the Order, and perhaps its political center as well. Magi of Jerbiton are quite active here, and so relations with the mundanes are quite good. Many old and powerful covenants are found within this covenant.

Rhine Tribunal

The Rhine Tribunal consists of the lands of the Holy Roman Empire north of the Alps—Germany and the Rhine valley. Within its boundaries lie Durenmar, domus magna of House Bonisagus; Crintera, domus magna of House Bjornaer; and Irencillia, domus magna of House Merinita. Once the center of the Order, the Rhine Tribunal’s power has decreased as the area has become more and more densely populated with time’s passage. Some magi have started to involve themselves in the politics of the Empire, much to the displeasure of the quaesitores.

Roman Tribunal

The Roman Tribunal covers the southernmost portion of the Holy Roman Empire—the Papal states, the Kingdom of Naples, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, and even has one covenant in North Africa. Harco, domus magna of House Mercere; Magvillus, domus magna of House Guernicus; and Verdi, domus magna of House Verditius are found here. This is the tribunal where magi are most involved in the world— living in cities, having political relationships with aristocrats, and selling their magical wares to mundanes. Most of the members of the Order here are quite cosmopolitan, and spend a great deal of time in the great cities. Some do not belong to covenants, or do so only in name. Relations among the covenants and magi are a nightmare mass of Byzantine political machinations.

Stonehenge Tribunal

The Stonehenge Tribunal covers England and Wales. The domus magna of House Ex Miscellanea, Cad Gadu, is located in this tribunal. The Stonehenge Tribunal is disorganized, in part because many of the tribunal’s magi live in isolation, and in part because of the rapid clearing of land and forest deprive them of the opportunity of live apart from society in magical areas.

Tribunal of Thebes

The Tribunal of Thebes consists of the Byzantine Empire—Greece, Asia Minor, and the islands of the Aegean Sea. This tribunal includes the great city of Constantinople; one covenant is even found within its walls. The lands of Greece, though they fell from glory long ago, still have a great deal of magic to offer to those who live here.

Transylvanian Tribunal

The Transylvanian Tribunal consists of the kingdoms of Bulgaria and Hungary. The domus magna of House Tremere, Coeris, is found here. This area is perhaps the most magically potent of the tribunals, for the power of the Dominion is still quite weak. Although this makes the Transylvanian Tribunal one of the fastest growing in the Order, it also means that outside magical threats also abound. The Tremere have total political dominance in this tribunal.

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