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Following the dramatic events of 1229, most of the Andorran Guard perished. The seven surviving veterans rallied together in 1230 to reform the Andorran Guard, contracting a division of Almogavars from the Vibria Company. There has been some recruitment efforts and the contract with the almogavars has been renegotiated and renewed. Then after some reorganization and the incorporation of other soldiers and recognition of their adjunct status, the Andorran Guard of 1234 is nearly sixty members strong.


The Andorran Guard can be divided into four categories; the Seven Champions, the New Guard, the Personal Guard, and the Gold Griffons. All soliders have beet trained to fight as a group, even when a unit is formed of soldiers of mixed divisions.

The Seven Champions: The Seven Champions form the core of the Andorran Guard, comprising both their elite and their officers. Each of them wears the coat of arms of the covenant upon their tunic (a drake and a griffon in combat).

  • Alexandro Pedro Perez, Captain: Alexandro is a true son of the covenant, born to Archmagus Antonio and brother of the Pontifex Carmen. He has raised his family in Arans, his children grown and educated, and his own nephew being one of the seven. Though not at all magical, he is more than merely mundane. He has developed a few Heroic Traits as he has matured, he is equipped with resources provided by his Hermetic relatives, and he is well acquainted with the weird world of magic and wizards. By 1235, he has taken a leave of absence, to adventure with Esteban of Jerbiton
  • Moe, Lieutenant & Autocrat, which died in 1235: Moe was once a sergeant and is the last of Antonio's old stooges. Longevity and enchantment enabled him to be fit for combat amongst the elite way past his natural time. He also served in the capacity of Lieutenant when Alexandro was not present or the forces divided, or if necessary for large operations of the whole of the guard. He also served as the covenant's Steward and Autocrat. Moe also possessed the power of Second Sight, which earned him the nickname "Eyes" from Dimir Taar.
  • Armando, Sergeant & Tactical Specialist: Armando is a wise old veteran that knows more about magical combat strategy than most magi, and it is the fool that ignores his advice. As tactical specialist, he is often called upon to coordinate the magical activities of martial magi with the actions of the troops.
  • Javier, Sergeant & Expedition Specialist: Javier is Alexando's nephew (through his wife and no relation to the Perez family). Though that is how he originally obtained his position, he has long since proven himself. He was a member of the Val-Negra expedition, and as a result he has a Ghostly Companion and is now keeper of the Sword of the Avenger. As Expedition Specialist, he is often called upon to assemble teams and requisition equipment for the adventures of the magi.
  • Oscar, Sergeant, Escort Specialist: Fearless and stoic, Oscar was Carmen's shield grog for several years and once stared unblinking face to face with Diablo Rojo. As Escort Specialist, Oscar is often called upon as an elite shield grog to the Pontifex or other Masters who need a fearless heavy hitter.
  • Alberto; Sergeant, Turb Specialist: Alberto is a tough guy with a smart mouth known to be bold and reckless. His skill at arms and achievements have earned him his rank, and his survival and experience earn him a place amongst the seven. Turb Specialist means that he serves as a Turb Sergeant amongst the New Guard.
  • Carlos, Sergeant: Carlos, who is most awesome, holds the rank of Corporal and is often tasked to assist one of the others in their duties. Carlos should be a sergeant, but he is a recklessly overconfident smacktalker and always gets himself in trouble. But he is still an awesome guy to hang out with.

and then there is…

  • Roger, Ghost, Corporal: Roger died saving a child during the Val-Negra expedition from injuries suffered by the hand of Metron, but his ghost has reappeared at several essential moments. Moe claims that he saw Roger during the attack, as he was laying in a pool of blood from the injuries he suffered. Roger told him to hold on, and went to get the attention of Valentino, who saved Moe's life before perishing himself.

The New Guard: The covenant has managed to recruit just over a dozen new soldiers. Some may be combat veterans but lack Hermetic experience. Most have not had the opportunity to advance in rank yet, but a few may have been designated Corporal based on experience and competence. They wear a Red Drake upon their tunic, but Carlos has nicknamed them the "Green Dragons".

Personal Guard: There are about two dozen soldiers and military specialists in direct service to individual member magi of the covenant. Though Captain Alexandro would like to incorporate them into his chain of command, he does not want to infringe upon the rights of the magi and hopes to gain their cooperation and assistance instead. It is thus up to individual players to decide if their grogs have official rank with the Andorran Guard.

The Gold Griffons: The Gold Griffons are a division of Almogavars from the Vibria Company. They were hired on in 1230 and their contract recently renewed. They came in with some experience dealing with magi, and they have now become familiar with Andorra. They have their own command structure, with twenty soldiers, two corporals, a sergeant, and a commander subordinate to Captain Alexandro.

Drawing Troops

  • All member magi are entitled to one personal guard at all times within the covenant, two escorts when travelling, and can draw up to five men for an expedition. Assigning soldiers is the duty of the Task Sergeant or Expedition Sergeant, and they might not always the same men. Many member magi have soldiers in their own direct service already though, but still have the right to draw additional troops.
  • A Magus holding the rank of Master may draw an expedition of up to a dozen men, including a sergeant.
  • A Pontifex has full command of the Andorran Guard and may draw upon them as they will.
  • Any expedition sanctified by the council can draw as many troops as the council deems necessary.

The Wizard’s Lance

A Magus with Martial Abilities may spend time training with members of the Andorran Guard so as to be able to fight alongside them as a Trained Group.
A magus can then employ a tactic developed by the Knights of Seneca known as a “Wizard’s Lance”. You must first protect each member of your group with your Parma Magica, and thus the size of your Lance is limited to your Parma Magica score. This is a requirement to insure equal protection for all of the members and to negate the effects of the Gift. It is also important for moral, and is a wise strategy anyway.
As part of a Lance, a magus is able to cast spells as well as contribute to the Trained Group Bonus. In any round that a magus chooses to cast a spell, he does not contribute anything to the group’s Attack, but still contributes to Defense. If he Fast-Casts, he contributes to both Attack and Defense. The spell will have a penalty for limited or no gestures (-2 or -5, depending on the armaments he is busy holding), and the storyguide may call for an additional botch die if any need be rolled.

The Andorran Guard in 1220

The Andorran Guard in 1220

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