Anna Bowyer

As of 1237


Characteristics: Str -1, Dex +2, Sta 0, Int 0, Per -1, Com 4, Pre 1, Qik -1
Traits: Impulsive+2, No respect for Mundane Authority+2
Age: 19
Confidence: 0
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0


Affinity with Craft: Bowyer, Good Teacher, Great Communication


Branded Criminal, Fragile Constitution, Motion Sickness


French 5 (Street talk)
Craft: Bowyer 7 (Arrows) (Note this costs 93 xp)
Teaching 2 (7)
Bows 3 (Defense)
Bargain 2 (Black Market)
Brawl 2 (Kicking)
Area Lore: Paris 3
Guile 2 (Rich people)
Folk Ken 1 (Rich People)
Hunt 4 (Poaching)
Survival 4 (Private Forests)


Anna was a talent young girl. Unfortunately for her, that talent was making bows and most city girls don't get to exercise that talent. But she did, becoming the leading producer of black market ranged weaponry. Made her money when her family would have otherwise starved. Most homemade stuff like that wasn't guild quality but hers was. And the guild took note. They branded her and banished from the city. Scholars might note that this is not in fact a power that guilds have. However the kind of thugs who grab people for silver and main them are not scholars.

The brand made it impossible for her to fit herself back into society elsewhere leaving her to fend for herself with her weaponry. Which swiftly led to her being an actual criminal engaging in poaching, trespass and outfitting of bandits and outlaws. Arrows to the knee where the order of the day for any band of hired adventurers who went after her.

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