Antonio Of Flambeau

Archmagus Antonio Perez of Flambeau

Grandmaster of the Knights of Seneca and a Pontifex of Andorra


Characteristics: Int +2, Per -1, Com +0, Pre +2, Str +2 (1), Sta +3 (2), Dex +3 (1), Quik +2 (1)
Physical Characteristics were each increased one point with ritual magic.
(aging points in parentheses)

Size: 0
Age: 85, appears 59;
Chronology: born 8/12/1136, Leo, apprenticed in 1152 at age 16, gauntleted in 1167 at age 31, tenure 54 years, Archmagus for 12 years since age 73 in 1210.
Current Date: Spring 1222

Decrepitude: 1 (5); Suffered a crisis from a major illness in his 40’s, because he kept putting of creating a Longevity Ritual. The aging points, all applied to his Physical Characteristics, is the reason he panicked and went to great lengths to improve them.
Longevity: level 45

Warping: 5 (75); 32 from Longevity, 35 from Twilight, 8 from miscellaneous
Confidence: 3 (7)

Virtues and Flaws:

Virtues: +0 Gifted Hermetic Magus, +F Puissant Creo, +3 Major Magic Focus-Damage, +2 Improved Characteristics (twice), +1 Adept Laboratory Student, +1 Privileged Upbringing, +1 Self Confident, +1 Skilled Parens, +1 Warrior
Flaws: -3 Enemies, -3 Overconfident, -1 Close Family Ties, -1 Infamous Master, -1 Lecherous, -1 Weakness for Women

Acquired Virtues & Flaws:

  • From Twilight: +1 Puissant Auram, +1 Puissant Ignem, -3 Blatant Gift
  • From Mysteries (Pyrenees Wilderness Path of Vitality): -1 Warped Magic, +1 Life Boost, -3 Weak Spontaneous Magic, +3 Flawless Magic
  • From Story: +1 Hermetic Prestige, +0 Archmagus, +0 Leader of a Societats – Grandmaster of the Knights of Seneca

Personality Traits: Assertive +3, Courageous +3, Pragmatic +2, Lustful +2, Just +1

Reputations: Hermetic Prestige 4 (Hermetic), Archmagus 4 (Hermetic), Infamous Master – Coronado Cortez 3 (Hermetic), Bold Bravery 3 (Local & Hermetic), House Flambeau Acclaim 5 (92xp) (noted for taking on extreme challenges)


Weapons: Init +2, Atk +3, Def +2, Dmg +2

  • Dodge/Grapple: Init +2, Atk +8, Def +7, Dmg +2
  • Fistfight: Init +2, Atk +8, Def +8, Dmg +2
  • Dagger: Init +2, Atk +8, Def +7, Dmg +2
  • Storm Sword: Init +4, Atk +20, Def +11, Dmg +9/+12/+27
  • Wand (as Club): Init +3, Atk +12, Def +10, Dmg +5/+20

Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)


Arabic 3 (slang), Artes Liberales 2 (ritual spells), Athletics 4 (running), Awareness 3 (alert), Brawl 5 (fistfight), Carouse 2 (stay sober), Charm 4 (seduction), Code of Hermes 1 (tribunals), Concentration 5 (spells), Divine Lore 2 (saints), Etiquette 3 (Hermetic), European Lore 3 (legendary heroes), Faerie Lore 3 (genies), Finesse 7 (precision), Folk Ken 3 (warriors), Guile 3 (laughing it off), Hunting 3 (tracking), Iberian Lore 3 (Reconquista), Infernal Lore 1 (Shadow Wars), Intrigue 2 (plots), Lang D’Oc 4 (Catalan), Latin 4 (Hermetic), Leadership 5 (in battle), Magic Lore 3 (beasts), Magic Theory 9 (inventing spells), Order of Hermes Lore 4 (House Flambeau), Parma Magica 9 (Mentem), Penetration 6 (Creo), Philosophiae 1 (ceremonial magic), Profession-Scribe 1 (copying), Profession-Soldier 3 (discipline), Pyrenees Mountain Wilderness Lore 3 (Andorra), Ride 3 (in battle), Single Weapon 7 (longsword), Spanish 5 (Castellan), Stealth 3 (stalk), Strategy 4 (logistics), Teaching 2 (Arcane Abilities)


Cr 12+3, In 10, Mu 11, Pe 13, Re 12, An 7, Aq 6, Au 18+3, Co 10, He 6, Ig 16+3, Im 6, Me 12, Te 10, Vi 11

Twilight Scars & Effects:

(35 Warping points)

  • Comprehended Twilight in a Faerie Aura (7 points), caused by eating the djinn’s fruit in the Garden of Delight; Effect – Puissant Auram, Scar – Hair blows against breeze, or it blows when there is no breeze.
  • Failed to Comprehend Twilight (6 points), caused by a botched spontaneous spell using vis to try and make a ship fly. Effect – Lost 12xps from Rego, Scar – Shadow leans the wrong way.
  • Avoided Twilight (4 points), caused by wasting vis for spontaneous spells again
  • Comprehended Twilight (8 points) while escaping the Arc of Fire; Effect – Puissant Ignem, Scar – The air about him is always warm and smells pleasant.
  • Failed to Comprehend Twilight (10 points), caused by a botch with a large quantity of Ignem vis, which caused no immediate harm but did reconstitute the body of Khyron al-Efreet; Effect – Blatant Gift, Scar – Eyes flare when angry or excited and other moods.

Magic Sigil: showy-flashy spells
Symbolic Sigil: an arc of lightning


(fully loaded) enchanted chain-mail hauberk, wand, sword, dagger, pouch of stuff, crucifix, rings & jewelry, rosary, purse with some silver and some gemstones, satchel of things, cloak

Encumbrance: 0 (Load 3, Burden 2, Str +2)

Spells Known:

Antonio knows a vast number of spells, many more than are listed here. These are just a few of his favorites. Most of his spells are also Mastered. He has Flawless Magic, but he did not always possess this Virtue. He mastered many spells previously though, but there are still a few old classics he never got around to mastering.
He has a strong preference for using Formulaic Spells and relies on Spell Mastery to avoid further Twilight. Another reason he avoids Spontaneous Spells is because the means by which he acquired Flawless Magic also carried the Ordeal of Weak Spontaneous Magic upon him.
Anyway, here are a few of his favorite spells (keeping in mind that this is but a fraction of his Grimoire)

CrAn20 Conjure the Stinging Scorpion
CrAn25 Trap of the Weaver’s Web
CrAn35 The Wizard’s Mount (Mastery 2: Fast Cast, Simulcast)
MuAn40 Steed of Perseus (Mastery 2: Fast Cast, Simulcast)
PeAn20 Rip the Beast (Mastery 2: Fast Cast, Multi-Cast)
A *lot* Auram spells, favorites include…
CrAu20 Fist of Jupiter (Mastery 3: Fast Cast, Vacillated Casting, Imperturbable)
CrAu20 Circling Winds of Protection (Mastery 2: Fast Cast, Imperturbable)
CrAu25 Anger of Zeus (Mastery 3: Multi-Cast, Penetration, Precise)
CrAu25 Call of Aeolus’ Servants
CrAu30 Wings of Soaring Wind (Mastery 5: Fast Cast, Flex to Diameter, Imperturbable, Precise, Stalwart)
CrAu35 Incantation of Lightning (Mastery 9: Amplify, Fast-Cast, Flex to Sight, Multi-Cast, Penetration, Precise, Quick, Resistance, Stalwart)
CrAu40r Breath of the Open Sky (Mastery 2: Imperturbable, Stalwart)
ReAu40 Curse of the Lightning Rod (Mastery 4: Amplify, Penetration, Precision, Stalwart)
ReAu40 Gathering of the Stormy Might (Mastery 3: Fast Cast, Imperturbable, Stalwart)
ReAu60r Antonio’s Dominion over Thunder (Mastery 5: Stalwart, Penetration, Precise +2, Amplify)
And Rain of Oil too, the old version.
CrCo35r The Severed Appendage Regrown (Mastery 1: Stalwart)
This is the spell he invented for Marie, but wouldn’t work for her. It has been useful for others though.
CrCo40r Incantation of the Body made Whole:
CrCo45r Strength of Renown (up to Str +2)
CrCo45r Quickness of Renown (up to Quik +2).
CrCo50r Dexterity of Heroes (up to Dex +3).
CrCo55r Stamina of Legend (up to Sta +4).
MuCo25 Gift of Bear’s Fortitude
MuCo(An)30 Curse of the Serpent (Mastery 1: Fast Cast)
MuCo(An)30 Cloak of Black Feathers
PeCo25 Grip of the Choking Hand (Mastery 3: Quiet, Silent, Still)
PeCo20 Sting of a Score of Wasps (Mastery 2: Fast Cast, Penetration)
PeCo(An)30 Gaze of Knives (Mastery 3: Amplify, Fast Cast, Multicast)
PeCo(An)30 Word of Pain (Mastery 1: Penetration)
ReCo10 Curse of the Owner
ReCo15 Wizard’s Leap (Mastery 3: Fast Cast, Stalwart, Still)
ReCo15 Endurance of the Berserkers
ReCo20 The Traitorous Hand
ReCo30 Seven League Stride (Mastery 2: Fast Cast, Flex-Touch)
ReCo35 Leap of Homecoming (Mastery 2: Fast Cast, Flex-Touch)
CrHe20 Hail of a Score of Arrows (Mastery 2: Multicast, Fast Cast)
CrHe25 Conjure the Wooden Sanctuary (Mastery 1:)
InHe15 Shriek of the Impending Shafts
ReHe10 The Unseen Archer (Mastery 1: Precision +1)
He knows all the Ignem spells too, because he is a Flambeau Archmagus and it is expected of him :-)
CrIg20 Pilium of Fire (Mastery 5: Fast-Cast, Penetration, Multi-Cast, Stalwart-Casting, Vacillated-Casting)
CrIg20 Test of Flames (Mastery 4: Penetration, Resistance, Imperturbable, Quick)
CrIg25 Arc of Fiery Ribbons (Mastery 3: Fast-Cast, Multi-Cast, Penetration)
CrIg35 Ball of Abysmal Flame (Mastery 4: Fast-Cast, Multi-Cast, Penetration, Vacillated-Casting)
InIg5 Compass of the Vigilant Flame
InIg5 Tales of the Ashes
MuIg25 The Liquid Flame (Mastery 1: Fast-Cast)
PeIg 20 Wizard’s Touch of Cold
ReIg25 Ward against Heat & Flames
ReIg25 Ward versus Cold and Frost
ReIg30 Marking the Target of Fire
ReIg35 Superior Ward against Heat & Flames (Mastery 1: Flex to Touch)

PeIm20 Veil of Invisibility
CrMe15 Panic of the Trembling Heart
PeMe15 Loss of but a Moment’s Memory (Mastery 2: Fast Cast, Penetration)
PeMe20 Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit (Mastery Adapted)
ReMe20 Aura of Rightful Authority
ReMe25 Demand of the Wizard’s Inquisition (Mastery 1: Imperturbable)
InTe15 Howl of the Steel Weapons
PeTe25 Disarm the Helpless Opponent (Mastery 1: Fast Cast)
ReTe25 Wizard’s Ward versus Weapons
Re(Cr)Te(Ig25) Adjuration of the Blacksmith’s Fire (Mastery 3: Fast Cast, Multi-Cast, Penetration)
I skipped over a bunch a stuff, and there are a bunch of Vim spells I am skipping over as well. Just a few important ones to mention.
PeVi10/25 Demon’s Eternal Oblivion (Mastery 2: Adaptive; Multicast; Penetration)
PeVi15/30 Winds of Mundane Silence (Mastery 3: Adaptive; Penetration, Resistance; Fast Cast)
PeVi20/30 Lancea Magica (Mastery 4: Adaptive; Penetration, Fast-Cast, Resistance; Multi-Cast)
ReVi20/35r Watching Ward (Mastery 2: Adaptive; Disguised, Stalwart)
ReVi30/45 Hermes Jar (Mastery 2; Adaptive, Disguised, Obscured)

Magic Items

Talisman – The Oak Wand

Most other magi presume his powerful magical sword would be his Talisman, but those who know him well know that it is actually an Oak Wand that he rarely displays. It is actually more of a scepter or a rod, and it is quite handy as a club. It was carved from the heart of an oak tree that was struck by lightning, It is naturally flame resistant and very hard, strong wood. For many years Antonio had it as a simple wooden wand, used for a few Potent spells and as a spell container using Watching Ward or Hermes Jar.
When he decided to enchant the item, he improved upon it by having it ornately carved, stained, and finished. The end is carved into a clubbing head with four sides, each carved with a different gruesome gargoyle face. Marveling at the work of the craftsman, he decided to take it a step further and make it his talisman. So he set a small stone in one eye of each face; an Agate, an Opal, a Ruby, and a Topaz. Then the length of the wand was wrapped in leather, including a handy carrying thong that goes around his wrist.
When deciding how to enchant his talisman, Antonio wisely knew it was inefficient and redundant to put spells he knew in the item, for he would always get better penetration and more options from a spell. He did put a few offensive effects in the item, just for show really, and mostly the item includes utility effects Antonio finds useful.
Vis: Potential 36, Opened 35, Used 29
Attunements (15): (+5 to all Lab Totals), +7 protection from storms, +7 protection from venom, +6 fire-related effects, +5 controlling wild beasts, +5 protection from storms, +4 control things at distance, +4 destroy things at a distance, +4 leadership, +4 leadership in war, +4 strength, courage, pride, +4 travel, +3 air, +3 affect blood, +3 project bolt or other missile, +2 repel things
Weapon Stats: When used as a club; Init +1, Atk +2, Def +1, Dmg +3/+18
InMe38 Link of the Mental Command; 4 pawns
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual, Use: Continuous
This allows Antonio to use many of the wand’s powers by silent mental command. As a Talisman, the wand is always considered to be in “Touch” Range, regardless of distance, so he is able to silently activate powers even when the wand is not in hand. This power has a Restriction in that it is only effective upon himself and those descended from his lineage. Thus powers linked to this effect which have no other trigger are likewise restricted by default. The way the restriction is worded could apply to his magical or mundane lineage. He and his daughter are the only ones descended from the line of Coronado Cortez, but his mundane lineage also would include his son plus his estranged brothers and their children.
(Base 15, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration), +5 Levels Item Maintains Concentration, +5 Levels Fast Trigger, +3 levels Restricted Use

ReHe48 Summon or Sequester the Wand; 5 pawns
R: Personal (Item), D: Mom, T: Ind, Uses: Unlimited
The wand can be summoned instantly to his hand, regardless of intervening distance and obstacles. It can also be sent away to anyplace he can see or has an Arcane Connection too. As a cosmetic effect, it seemingly flies into hand or away from him as desired. This is not to imply he can control it telekinetically. It is teleportation.
(Base 35 to transport over a distance of Arcane Connection), +10 levels Unlimited Use, +3 levels Mental Link

CrAu30 Thunderstrike; 3 pawns
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind, Uses: 50 times per day, Penetration +22
In combat, the wand can be used as a club, and when using this power it strikes with the force of thunder. This inflicts an additional +15 points of Damage, and requiring a Stamina Stress roll of 12+ to remain standing. Using this power requires a command word and striking a target, and may be used up to fifty times in a day. There is no Penetration, since it is mainly just for show.
(Base 3, +4 unnatural, +1 Touch) +10 levels Unlimited Use

ReCo48 Dominion over Movement; 5 pawns
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual, Uses: Unlimited
This allows Antonio to move rapidly in any direction he chooses, even if unsupported in the air. It allows him to hover and prevents him from falling. This grants a +3 bonus to rolls involving rapid or sudden movement. This includes non-magical Initiative in the first round of combat, but not subsequent rounds. It can be for flight, though Antonio prefers more powerful Auram flight spells and using this enchantment to enhance his performance, gaining a +3 bonus to Finesse rolls involving maneuvering and precision.
(Base 15, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration), +3 levels Mental Link, +5 levels Fast Trigger, +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use

ReCo58 Leap of Far Travelling; 6 pawns
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Individual, Uses: Unlimited
This allows Antonio to instantly teleport to any location which he possesses an Arcane Connection to or to any place that he can see. Despite the name, it can be used for short distances as well.
(Base 35, +1 Touch), +3 levels Mental Link, +5 levels Fast Trigger, +10 levels Unlimited Use)

CrIg56 Wrath of Fiery Ferocity; 6 pawns
R: Special, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual, Uses: Unlimited, Penetration +24
This creates a jet of flame that shoots out twenty-five paces distant, inflicting +15 damage to anything aught in the path. The plume continues for as long as it is concentrated upon, and may be waved around to affect different areas. Targeting is exceptionally easy because of this, adding +3 to any aiming rolls.
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 Rego requisite), +3 levels Mental Link, +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use, +13 levels for a Penetration of 26

Greater Enchanted Device – The Black Cloak

Antonio’s cloak is simple and humble, made of black sheep’s wool with a large hood. The cloak is fastened with two metal discs that clasp together, which can be alternatively used to affix the cloak to his armour and wear it like a cape. Opened as a compound item, it required ?? pawns of Vim vis; 4 for the cloak (Cloth 1 x 4 Large), and 10 for the clasp (Metal 5 x 2 small).
Vis: Opened with 14 pawns, Used 14 pawns
Cr(Re)Au40 Wings of Soaring Wind; 4 pawns
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual Uses: 24 per day
As per the spell of the same name, the cloak allows the wearer to fly at speeds of up to forty knots. The cloak maintains concentration and can be used for flight twenty-four times per day.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +2 Unnatural, +1 Requisite), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +5 levels for 24 uses/day

PeIm30 Stealth of Silent Invisibility; 3 pawns
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Inddividual, Uses: 24 per day
This renders the wearer invisible and silently stealthy. It is activated by whispering a command word while putting on the hood.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 changing image, +1 silence as well), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +5 levels for 24 uses/day

ReIm20 Wizard’s Sidestep; 2 pawns
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual, Uses: 24 per day
As per the spell of the same name
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +1 Ind, +1 moving image, +1 matched images) +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +5 levels for 24 uses/day

MuAn20 Cloak of Impenetrable Wool; 2 pawns
R: Personal (Item), D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual, Uses: Unlimited
This changes the cloth so that it cannot be easily cut or penetrated by weapons. The cloak gains a +3 protection value.
(Base 4, +1 Concentration), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use

MuCo(An)30 Cloak of the Mountain Bear; 3 pawns
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual, Uses: once per day
Once per day this can transform the wearer into a huge mountain bear.
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 Size), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration

Lesser Enchanted Device – Ring of the Guardian

This is a metal ring shaped with a small shield emblazoned with a crucifix.
ReMe40 Trust for the Guardian Protector; 4 pawns
R: Voice, D: Sun, T: Ind
The target of this effect is strongly inclined to see you as a guardian and feels protected by you. Most importantly, they will allow you protect them with your Parma Magic and cover them with protective spells.
(Base 10, +2 Voice, +2 Sun), +10 levels Unlimited Use

Espada de la Tormenta (Sword of the Storm, or Storm Sword)

This is a Greater Enchanted Device that was not originally created by Antonio, though he has added his own enchantments and has now filled it. The item is a high quality long-sword forged of Toledo steel by the master craftsman Daern of Flambeau (Darren of Verditius, of the lineage of Valdarius). It is one of seven such swords that he had crafted, each as an Item of Quality and opened for enchantment. Given as gifts to the other members of the Knights of Seneca, they each customized their blades and travelled off on to their separate adventures. Who knows where the other swords have gone? This sword was given to Diego filius Julius of Flambeau, who in turn passed it on to his filius Coronado Cortez of Flambeau. Coronado gave the sword to Antonio as a repayment for a favor (he had decided to create a sword of his own as a talisman). Antonio made his talisman his wand, but has also thought of making his own sword new from scratch and seeks someone worthy to pass this sword along to.
It required 18 pawns of vis to open this sword for enchantment because of its high quality (Material: base metal (5, +1 for quality) x 3 Size: Medium (sword). The natural quality of the sword grants a bonus of +1 to both Attack and Defense, and the Item of Quality bonus grants a +4 to Attack.
Vis: 18 pawns, Used 18 pawns
Weapon Stats Init +2, Atk +9, Def +1, Dmg +7/+10/+25
MuTe40 Edge of the Razor; 4 pawns
R: Personal, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual, Uses: Unlimited, Penetration +24
This sharpens the edge and gives the sword a +2 bonus to damage. This was the original enchantment placed in the sword by Daern, balancing a medium between Penetration and circumventing Magic Resistance. That is, the effect has a decent Penetration score, but automatically “switches off” when it encounters Magic Resistance greater than its Penetration, then switches back on again when the environment changes.
(Base 3, +2 Metal, +1 Concentration), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use, +3 Environmental Trigger, +12 levels for Penetration 24

MuTe30 Sword of Adamantine; 3 pawns
R: Personal, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual, Uses: 12 per day, Penetration +12
This hardens and strengthens the sword, making it virtually unbreakable and extremely sharp. This grants the sword a further +1 bonus to Damage. This enchantment was invested by Diego, using Daern’s idea of being able to switch the effect on and off, but simplifying the idea by using a command word and limiting the number of times this could be reactivated to only twelve times in a day.
(Base 4, +2 Metal, +2 Sun), +4 for 12 uses per day, +6 levels for Penetration 12

PeCo40 Blade of Grievous Wounds; 4 pawns
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual
Whenever the sword inflicts a wound upon someone in battle, this enchantment increases the severity of that wound by one level. That is to say; a Light Wound becomes a Medium Wound, Medium becomes Serious, Serious becomes Incapacitated, and Incapacitated results in a Lethal Wound. This enchantment was invested by Coronado, who completely ignored the theme of being able to deactivate and reactivate effects to circumvent magic resistance. But since the sword must first strike a wound to activate the effect, the sword still hits to wound even if this effect is resisted. The effect is activated automatically when striking a wound, but is exhausted after twelve uses in a day.
(Base 15 to worsen a wound one level, +1 Touch), +3 levels Environmental Trigger, +4 for 12 uses per day, +13 levels for Penetration 26

Cr(Re)Au30 Promise of ‘Izz-Antar-al-Djini-al-Marid; 3 pawns
R: Touch, D: Special, T: Individual
When Antonio first took possession of the sword, he used it while on an adventure in Persia where he struggled against an adversary named Massouad of the forty daggers, an assassin and an Infernal Summoner who commanded forty jinni, demons, and other spirits that served him in his murderous activities. But there was one jinn, a Marid named Antar-al-Dijin, whom Massouad could not control but could hold captive. Antonio freed Antar, and together they defeated Massouad. As a parting blessing, Antar promised to “give his enemies a slap”, and imbued his sword with this power.
Activated by the command phrase (calling upon the jinn’s promise), the sword becomes charged with the power of a thunderstorm, and for the duration of the combat engagement any blows struck by the weapon strike with the force of a thunderbolt that inflicts a bonus of +15 to the weapons damage value. In addition, those struck must make a Strength stress roll of 6+ in order to remain standing.
The effect has a Penetration of a Stress Die + 40 each time it encounters resistance during the battle. If called upon for a second battle that same day, the Penetration is halved. Antar cannot be called upon three times in the same day. This investment is non Hermetic, but still takes up “space” based upon the strength of the base power. The Penetration and uses per day do not affect the level, these are based on the power of the jinn.
(Base 3, +4 unnatural, +1 Touch, +1 Event duration, +1 non-hermetic)

ReTe33 The Unseen Soldier; 4 pawns
R: Voice, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Ind
Tossing the sword into the air and utterin the command, the sword is “caught” by an “unseen soldier”. That is to say, the sword is being wielded in combat by Rego magic. The unseen soldier has the equivalent of a +0 for “physical characteristics”, and has an equivalent combat skill equal to 3 (or the wielder’s Finesse score, whichever is greater).
(Base 3, +2 Metal, +2 Voice, +1 Concentration), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +2 levels for 3 uses/day, +6 levels for Penetration 12

Five Rings of the Legendary Alec– Lesser Enchanted Devices

These rings have their title because their crafter, Alec of Verditius, had a huge ego and high hubris. All of the rings he made were called “Legendary Rings”, There are actually more than four score of these rings circulating, seven different varieties each with similar powers (using Lab Texts, he can easily create five rings per season). Antonio purchased these rings from a venditiore in Barcelona, hawking wares (and magic items) from Italy.

Legendary Ring of Leadership
MuIm14 Aura of Ennobled Presence; 2 pawns
R: Touch, D: Constant, T: Ind
This grants a +3 to influence, lead, and convince (Leadership). The effect is constant upon the one wearing the ring.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun), +4 levels Constant Use

Legendary Ring of Friendship
MuIm14 Aura of Beguiling Appearance; 2 pawns
R: Touch, D: Constant, T: Ind
This grants a +3 to win trust and make friends (Charm). The effect is constant upon the one wearing the ring.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun), +4 levels Constant Use

Legendary Ring of Innocence
MuIm14 Aura of Childlike Innocence; 2 pawns
R: Touch, D: Constant, T: Ind
This grants a +3 to deflect suspicion and convince others of innocence (Guile). The effect is constant upon the one wearing the ring.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun), +4 levels Constant Use

Legendary Ring of Love
MuIm14 Aura of Seductive Charm; 2 pawns
R: Touch, D: Constant, T: Ind
This grants a +3 to seduce and influence those attracted to the gender you portray (Charm). The effect is constant upon the one wearing the ring.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun), +4 levels Constant Use

Legendary Ring of Honor
MuIm14 Aura of Honorable Intent; 2 pawns
R: Touch, D: Constant, T: Ind
+3 to bargain, haggle, and negotiate (Bargain). The effect is constant upon the one wearing the ring.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun), +4 levels Constant Use


Antonio spent Fall & Winter 1221 refining his lab, rearranging things, and fixing the Fire-Clock (it was broken).
Location: Top floor of the Great East Tower at the Covenant of Andorra’s Keep at Arans.
Magic Aura: 5
Characteristics: Size +2, Refinement +4, General Quality +5, Upkeep +8, Safety +1, Warping +2, Health +0, Aesthetics +13 (Reputation – Powerful Archmagus 4)
Specializations: Spells +7, Texts +2, Rego +2, Auram +2, Ignem +3, Vim +3
Virtues: +0 Defenses, +0 Elevated, +0 Magical Heat & Light, +0 Superior Construction, +0 Guard, +0 Priceless Ingredients, +0 Servant, +0 Superior Equipment, +0 Magically Superior Heating, +0 Magically Superior Lighting, +0 Superior Tools, +1 Lesser Feature (Desk), +1 Living Quarters, +1 Opulent, +3 Greater Expansion, +3 Greater Feature (Magic Circle),
Flaws: -3 Greater Focus (Magic Circle),
Staff: Bartholomew and Nicholas (security, alternating shifts), Miguel Herrero (master multi-craftsman), Charles the Servant)
Magic Items:

  • Lamp of Annaeus (+1 Texts, +1 Aesthetics, -1 Upkeep)

CrIg50 Superior Light of Precision and Perfection; Lesser Enchanted Device, 5 pawns
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Room
This provides unlimited superior lighting of varying degrees of intensity; from moonlight, to candlelight or torchlight, to equivalent to a cloudy day, or as bright as direct sunlight. The light emanates from seemingly nowhere and is even throughout the room (though the lamp appears to be “burning”. In fact, the light can be adjusted to be brighter in some areas and dimmer in others. The lamp provides the lab with the equivalent of the Superior Lighting Virtue at no cost. The effects are a +1 to Aesthetics and a +1 Texts Specialization. Because the lamp uses no fuel, there is no upkeep cost. In fact, considering the size of the lab and the amount of cost savings, it provides a bonus of -1 to Upkeep
(Base 5, +1 variable, +1 adjustable, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +2 Room), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use

  • Hearth of Constant Warmth (+1 Health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Ignem)

CrIg50 Hearth of Constant Warmth; lesser enchanted device
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Structure
This hearth provides superior heat for the entire tower. The heat can be varies from warm to hot or can be shut off. It can also be adjusted to heat (or not heat) different rooms to different temperatures. The hearth provides the lab with the equivalent of the SuperiorHeating Virtue at no cost. The effects are a +1 to Health, Aesthetics, and Ignem.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +3 Structure, +1 variable, +1 adjustable, +1 intricate effect), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use

  • The Fire Clock (+1 General Quality, +2 Aesthetics, +2 Warping, +1 Intellego, +1 Rego, +2 Ignem, +3 Vim)

This item is reminiscent of a water-clock, using liquid fire to display measurements of magical energy in the lab. The item also regulates the flow of magical energy, and is able to intensify or dampen it as needed. The clock is better at controlling large amounts of energy than small amounts, and acts irregular sometimes.
Cr(Mu/Re)Ig(Aq/Te)31 Internal Mechanisms of Liquid Fire
This creates the liquid fire that drives the metal mechanisms of the clock in response to the clock’s magical senses and the environment. This displays highly accurate information (when the clock is working properly).
(Base 4, +1 requisites enhances effect, +1 Concentration), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use, +3 Environmental Trigger, +3 Linked Trigger
InVi55 Magical Senses of the Fire Clock;
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Room
This provides the clock with the senses to perceive magical energy within the lab. It can also tell time.
(Base 15 sense highly detailed information concerning magic, +1 enhanced effect (tells time), +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +2 Room), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use
Re(Cr/Mu/Pe)Vi55 Thaumaturgical Regulator;
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Room
(Base 20, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +2 Room), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use


Archmagus Antonio Perez, Archmagus, Grandmaster of the Knights of Seneca, is the senior magus of Andorra. I am not going to post his stats, not to be secretive, but because he is a long process of development. I have a version of him in my old format (but 5th edition still). As he was an adapted character, I think he may be a bit over powered or should be a bit older. As it is, he is a young Archmagus at age 83 (though he appears 57). He can be a Mentor to any magus here (though his only apprentice was his daughter), and he himself has a Mentor still (the old man, Fuego Conflagaratius filius Vanacastium).
His parens was Coronado Cortez, a magus who became Infamous for his deeds.

Antonio master’s all of his spells, honing them to a fine degree. He is a Creo expert, specializing in Auram and Ignem. He is known for throwing large chunks of vis at a problem. He likes to fight, playfully and seriously. He also considers himself a ladies man, but more than anything, he is a gentleman. Well, he tries. He sleeps in his sanctum because his wife put him out of their bedroom. His daughter and filia was born of another woman. Antonio’s acclaim comes from many sources, but most of all for taking on extreme challenges. He has battled diabolists, hedge wizards, renegades, drakes, ogres, efreet, demons, giants and dragons (he killed the Dragon of the Baelric Isles).

He has a gifted daughter, Carmen of Flambeau, and a non-gifted son, Alexandro Pedro Perez.
There are too many tales of Antonio to recount here. He was played by Carmello Hernandez in the 4th edition original saga, and and NPC in the 5th edition reboot. In this new chapter he is not present. It is presumed he succumbed to Final Twilight in the attack upon the covenant in 1229. However, this is just fluff, and any SG (alpha, beta, or gamma/delta) can pull him out of the bag at any time if it fits the need of a story.

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