Apprentices of Andorra



Parens - Vocis of Tremere
Filia - Micaela
Born - 1216
Arts opened - 1226 (by Francisco of Tremere)
Gauntlet - 1240

Parens - Vocis of Tremere
Filia - Clotide
Born -
Arts opened - opened Winter 1241
Gauntlet - 1256

Parens - Lucas of Mercere
Filia - Elena ex Mercere
Born - 1230
Arts opened - opened Winter 1241

Magi Seeking Apprentices

None at present

Apprentice Specific Rules

Characteristics, Virtues, Flaws, Size, and Advancement

Characteristic and Size values should be altered downward to suit character age (ref: Appr p 8 ), all negative values stack.

Inherited Virtues and Flaws are inactive, and are those which the player intends the character to obtain through the course of play, becoming realized over time.

V&Fs still need to balance at creation as normal. Where appropriate one V&F may be replaced by another as the character ages.

Virtues and Flaws which influence the quality of training (such as Weak Parens, Skilled Parens, potentially Tormenting Master?) cannot be taken by a potential apprentice (ref Appr p 10 ) as the stats for study totals and library scores are known. NPC apprentice characters or characters with NPC Masters can take these flaws if the Masters skills are sufficiently poor/high.

An apprentice gains their "free" House Virtue after 10 seasons of one-on-one interaction with their parens (do not need to be consecutive). [Note: this does NOT apply to Mystery Cult Houses or House Ex Miscellanea as they each have their own process]. This "free" House Virtue MUST be one that the parens has, and that is typical for their House.
XP to Age 5 = 45 xp + Native Language 5 (0) + (Native Area Lore) 2 (0) (per House Rules)
XP for age 5+ (later life) = 20 per year, or 25 p/y for Wealthy, or 15 p/y for Poor (per House Rules)

Lore & Story

Apprenticeship is generally 15 years, however each House tends to deal with the Gauntlet differently.
A Magus refusing to train an apprentice for one season a year can be charged with a low crime.
spells for Detecting the Gift is covered in Appr p 33
Opening the Arts legally binds the apprentice to the Magus (see p 35)

Bonus to Lab

An unskilled apprentice still adds value to a lab, as:
Lab Safety bonus = (Int/2) which may be negative!
Aesthetics +1
Mentem +1

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