Arma Draco

The Arma Draco is Full Chain Mail of Toledo steel, Excellent +1, and an Item of Quality, for a total soak of +18. Close inspection reveals that the chainmail is actually not made of interlinked rings, but is woven out of two contiguous pieces of metal. One of the filaments has been alchemically tinted golden and the other red, so that when Vibria bends or moves, it creates a minor optical illusion suggesting the flickering of flames.

It has a total Vis capacity of 24. The Iberian Runes give a bonus of +6 to dragon-related effects.

The Shape & Material Bonuses in the armor are:

  • Armor: Protect wearer +7
  • Brass: +3 to Ignem and Music, +4 to angels and demons
  • Cold iron: +3 to bonds, +7 to harm or repel faeries
  • Copper: +2 to passion and sex magic, +3 to bloodshed, +4 to deftness and to effects that change one's own shape
  • Rubies: +3 to courage, battle wounds, blood; +4 to leadership in war; +6 to fire-related effects
  • Opals: images +2, imagination +2, invisibility +2, memory +4, travel +4, eyes +6

Dragon's Wings

When Vibria says the word "Fugio" (after flipping a springloaded catch so that a copper panel rises up and exposes a large area of her back), an enormous pair of crimson dragon wings springs out of her back.

Muto Corpus (Animal) 20
R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Part
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 Part)
Usable 3 times a day +2, Device Maintains Concentration +5. Final Enchantment Level: 27. Vis Cost: 3 pawns.

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