Arnau d'Orfes

Arnau d'Orfes Character Sheet

Note: Technically, Arnau is a Companion. Yet, his powers set him apart, and Xavi (the player) has no magi, so it is listed as such.


Arnau is one of the Campfires (middle ranking officer) of the Flame Brothers.

He commands around 20 Flames (warriors) and has three Torches (sergeants) under his command. He can command larger forces if he petitions them, but generally tends to work with smaller ones for field actions.
Arnau’s unit is specialized in escalades, and some of its members have undergone initiation to be able to fly to help secure a wall section and help their companions to climb it. Their performance so far has been good in their actions, but the fact that this leaves the warriors lame has meant that they tend to act as support crossbowmen when not in active escalade actions.

Arnau is the bastard son of the Compte d'Empuries (Count of Empuries).
He was well cared for in his early years, and has maintained contact with his family, even if they were glad to see him go off with the Flame Brothers.
Being one of the Firecasters of the Brotherhood he has had formal training regarding the supernatural and liberal arts and is well educated by medieval standards. He is both a leader and an ambassador of the Brotherhood and the wares it offers, so they ensure that he is capable of conducting a series of activities with a modicum of success. Arnau likes women, likes his wine and likes to laugh loudly. He hates being lame, but enjoys the possibility of flying that it brought him.

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