Arnau in 1234


Name: Arnau d’Orfes
Covenant: Sa Dragonera (visitor)
Saga: Light of Andorra (Sa Dragonera)
Characteristics: Int +2, Per 0, Pre +1, Com +1, Str +2, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik 0
Age: 27
Conf: 1(3)


FIRE CASTER (accelerated ability)
Life Boost
Mercenary Captain: 20-ish almogavers under his direct command with medium armor, swords and shields. Some of them carry crossbows.
Improved Characteristics
Arcane Lore
Flight (HMRE p.35) Earned through Initiation
Veteran. Earned in his campaigns
Well travelled. Earned in his campaigns


OATH OF FEALTY (Flame Brothers; original Flambeau tenets)
Deleterious circumstances (when wet, -3 casting)
Infamous (Butcher 4 among Muslims)
Driven (“Mystical reconquista”).
Lame (Ordeal for Flight) Earned through Initiation


Speak Occitan (Catalan) 5
Speak Latin (church) 3
Speak Arabic (low class) 3
Catalonia Lore (politics) 2
Iberia Lore (Arab lands) 3
Balearic Islands Lore (geography) 1
Maghreb Lore (geography) 1

Animal Handling (horses) 1
Athletics (flying) 2
Awareness (alertness) 2
Chirurgy (slashing wounds) 1
Ride (comfort) 2
Stealth (at night) 2

Carouse (social) 2
Folk Ken (soldiers) 2
Charm (soldiers) 1
Bargain (services) 3
Leadership (soldiers) 3+2
Etiquette (court) 1
Guile (feigning strength) 1

Org Lore: OoH (militant magi) 1
Org Lore: Sahirs (personalities) 1
Org Lore: Flame Brothers (initiations) 3
Org Lore: Church (militant orders) 1
Tactics (raids) 3
Magic Lore (djinn) 3
Faerie Lore (Catalonia) 2
Infernal Lore (infernal djinn) 1
Profession: Scribe (letters) 1
Artes Liberales (arithmetic) 1
Warlock Magic Theory (set up hearth) 2

Flight (take off) 3
(Second Sight 3)
(Hex 3)
Penetration (djinn) 4

Brawl (dagger) 2
Single weapon (Sword) 5

The XP also pay for the Flight, Veteran and Well Travelled virtues (plus the lame flaw), 4 enriched items (one major, 3 minor) a quality items [Firebringer (pyrite)] his sword (Talladora) and his armor (Aegis of Faith)

Personality Traits

Reckless +3
Brave +2
Flamboyant +3
Lecherous +1
Dislikes Muslims +1
Loyal +2


Combat totals with no Encumbrance factored in.
Brawl: -1, +2, -1, +2
Brawl (dagger): -1, +5, +2, +5
Talladora, longsword (+shield): +1, +12, +8(+14), +10

Soak: +4 (no armor, clam shell); +5 (helmet, load 1); +12 (Quality hauberk); +16 (full armor);
Load: 6 (longsword, large shield, helmet, mail half armor; the most usual combo)
Encumbrance: 0 (no armor), –1 (half armor), -2 (full armor)

Enriched Items

  • Clam shell in a necklace (Tough Virtue)
  • Topaz in his quality helmet (Puissant Leadership)
  • Dripstone in a pendant (Second Sight 3). it can be worn "pirate style" over one of his eyes using a series of bands and hooks.
  • Blackthorn branch (Hex 3; 13 uses only)

Weapons and Quality Items

  • Talladora, Excellent quality arming sword (longsword) from a master craftsman of Toledo. (+2 attack, +2 damage)
  • Aegis of Faith. Exceptional quality mail hauberk (+3 protection = +8 protection, load 3)
  • Fire Tail, Exceptional quality large shield (+3 defence; +6 defence, load 2).
  • Firebringer, pyrite (+3 fire related effects)
  • Fire Tail (shield) has been enchanted to act as the (necessary) prop for the Flight ability. It depicts a flaming comet. it is a comet shield, something somewhat dated given the current fashion in shield design in Iberia.

Mundane Equipment

Arnau dresses like a knight. He has a penchant for red and orange. His best possessions are his weapons and armour: Talladora (Cutter), a Toledo steel arming sword (longsword) that has been worked buy a master craftsman; Fire Tail, the shield he uses for both defence and flight; and Aegis of Faith, his armor, bult with exceptional craft ability and containing a higher proportion of interlinked rinks than the usual armor that most warriors wear. Due to a savy distribution of weight, it is still light depsite the extra protection it affords. The helmet that Arnau wears contains an enriched topaz in its brow that acts as a focus for his leadership abilities. His flamboyant helmet makes Arnau highly visible on the battlefield, and this is a good thing for leadership purposes.

Arnau generally wears his half mail armor. He only equips the whole armour set when he expects heavy trouble. In the cross of his sword he carries Firebringer, a pyrite of quality that he grates against his armoured rugged forearm to generate sparks, that then he intensifies into full firecaster effects. He got Firebringer from the charred body of a dead sahir he bested in magical combat. He also has all the apparatus and paraphernalia of his role. Horses, weapons, tents, supplies and all the equipment needed for an Almogaver unit and its HQ.

Other: Arnau has a warlock hearth (witch kitchen) near Sa Dragonera. He spent a season setting it up.

New Supernatural Virtue: Fire Casting

Major, supernatural
Accelerated Ability. Creating fire and controlling flames thus created. Roll Stamina + Fire Casting for a casting total, the ease factor is the equivalent level of the desired spell effect. You benefit from a Magic Aura and can add pawns of vis to your casting total. You determine what level you are going for before you roll, and what you roll over that counts towards Penetration.
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