Aska, Tremere Necromancer

Aska is a corporeal and spiritual necromancer from the Provencal Tribunal. HIs mastery of Rego, Corpus and Mentem also allow him to teleport easily. His leadworker virtue supplements well his penetration skill, giving him the ability to control very potent ghosts, or double as an Intangible assassin.
He is followed by his dead sister's ghost, which doubles as a scout, confident and invisible bodyguard, supplementing in this capacity his familiar, a great white wolf from Transylvania.

Lineage Virtues: Leadworker, Affinity with Mentem, Affinity with Corpus
Lineage Flaws: Deficient Technique (Muto)
Favored Arts and Skills: Rego, Mentem, Corpus


Aska +00
Aska +20
Aska +70

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