Atramentum Renatus

Founded: 1200
Status: ???

Helios of House Tytalus and Gulo Midusulfis of House Bjornaer founded a vassal covenant of Fudarus in the Arrée Mountains of Brittany in 1200, which they named Atramentum (“Ink”) after their sodalis who died during the founding of the covenant. One year later, five of Fudarus’s magi left Fudarus and ousted the two young magi from the site, renaming the covenant Exspectatio (see Chapter 4: Brittany, Exspectatio). Exspectatio did compensate Helios and Gulo by providing resources for a new covenant in Burgundy, around a former legacy of Fudarus. This covenant was named Atramentum (“reborn”), and they have since been joined by Iacula of House Bonisagus and Philip of House Ex Miscellanea.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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