Founded: 1014
Status: Autumn

Barcelona is one of the most splendid cities of Mythic Europe, outclassed only by the likes of Constantinople and Baghdad. Barcelona covenant consists only of magi of House Jerbiton, and they have been given Hermetic jurisdiction over the whole of the city by a ruling of the tribunal. The six members live in different parts of the city and maintain mundane identities. Odo of Montpellier is the titular head of the covenant, and manages the Silver Rooster Inn. He succeeds Farusca, who now poses as a wealthy widow in the city. Carles filius Quiffara runs an occult bookshop with his apprentices, and together with Florenzo they form the core of the Quill of the Eye (a Jerbiton league dedicated to libraries, literature, and the scribal arts). Constans Hispanus, Franc Severel's hardnosed, mercantile focused Theban heir, keeps in close touch with his mentor (Franc faked his death and moved somewhere else). And finally, Erus Pavo “The Peacock Lord”, is a vain young Jerbiton troubadour magus with Catharist sympathies. Matteau the bouncer has a Longevity Potion given to him for his loyal service, but he has retired as a fighter and is now the covenant Steward. Tomas is another companion, who serves as the one to greet announced visitors from other covenants before they enter the city (a new custom), and serves as the assistant steward to guests (and a concierge).

The Magi

The magi of Barcelona are diverse and eclectic.

  • The venerable Carles of Jerbiton owns and operates an occult bookstore, right in plain view of mundane society. And he has been getting away with it for years.
  • Eras Pavo of Jerbiton associated with heretics and musicians and played at every tavern and nightclub he could. Especially the Gold Gryphon. He was killed in Winter 1234.
  • Farusca of Jerbiton lives as a retired heiress, and her protégé Odo of Jerbition runs the Silver Rooster Inn.
  • Franc Several of Jerbiton faked his death several years ago and set up Constans of Jerbiton in his place. However, Franc cannot help but to meddle and get involved and still manages a small private financial empire operated through his agents.
  • Then there is Miguel of Mercere, a Master Redcap in charge of the traffic and parcels of his House that pass through the city.

Barcelona in 1230

Barcelona is unique. It is one of the few major metropolises of the 13th century, far exceeding London at this time and more on par with cities such as Constantinople or Baghdad. It also exists outside the normal feudal system, operating to their own system of rights and customs known as the Usages of Barcelona.

A situation that cannot be helped, one that causes the magi there some concern but they have been able to (barely) manage. Mythic Barcelona has become something of a Hermetic Casablanca. Part of this can be blamed on Erat Caecus of Tytalus, though not much can be proven. Rumor has it that he has more agents on his personal staff in Barcelona than the entirety of that covenant. Still, this is but a fraction of the situation. There are many other magi that conduct operations in Barcelona from afar, operating through agents and co-conspiritors. There are Venditiors, Hermetic scribes, Almogavars with Hermetic Experience, spies, assassins, black market dealers, and anything you want if you have the connections.

There is also a large Jewish population in Barcelona in this era, dwelling in segregated neighborhoods known as "Calls". There are two major ones I do believe. Carmen has family here, most of whom live in these calls and are somewhat leery of her. But then there is her mother Golda. Golda is a woman unlike any other, yet at the same time fits so many classic stereotypes. Golda has always been a party girl, sensuous and salacious. Very free spirited and compassionate. Her husband Frederique own and operates the Gold Gryphon, a nightclub and tavern where thing coincidentally happen to thread together. Golda has a parlor in the basement where she does tarot card readings and stuff with tea leaves.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Currently an ally (or at least a fair-weather friend) to Andorra.

Lucas's Contacts

  • Carles of Jerbiton
  • Miguel of Mercere
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