Bashir Ibn Kamal in 1235


Bashir ibn Kamal was born in Valencia in the dying days of the Moorish conquest of Spain. His early life was one of privilege and education, his father wanting nothing but the best for his boy. He was educated at a fine school in Granada, learning languages, philosophy, and the Koran. When he was twenty, he travelled to Mallorca to study medicine. There he found his true calling, in healing the sick and tending to the injured.

The next few years were good years for Bashir. He had his work, and he had his faith, and he knew he was doing a lot of good for a great many people. That ended when he heard that Saragossa was overrun and his family was forced to flee to Africa. At first he was despondent. But over time he began to accept that it might be a great deal of time before he ever saw his family again.

Two years after that, Mallorca was invaded by forces from Aragon. Bashir was not a fighting man, but he was kept busy tending to wounded soldiers. Unfortunately, for the Moorish residents, however, the attacking force was too great, and the defending forces were ultimately defeated. Bashir was captured and ultimately brought to the covenant of Andorra where he was offered a position.


Characteristics: Int +3, Per +1, Str 0, Sta +1, Pre -1, Com +2, Dex +2, Qik -2
Confidence: 2 (6)
Personnality: Pious +2, Introverted -1, Compassionate +3


Good Teacher, Educated, Cautious with Chirurgy, Cautious with Medicine, Puissant with Chirurgy, Puissant with Medicine, Self-Confident, Privileged Upbringing, Improved Characteristics


Outsider - Moor, Compassionate, Ability Block - Martial, Lingering Wound - leg wound, Fish Out of Water - cities & towns,


Ability Specialty Score Points
Area Lore: Mallorca places 2 15
Area Lore: Valencia places 2 0
Artes Liberales - Latin, Greek, Arabic alphabets Astrology 3 30
Animal Handling healing 2 15
Awareness assess patient 2 15
Bargain medical supplies 2 15
Charm looking harmless 2 15
Chirurgy bind wounds 6+2 105
Concentration surgery 2 15
Dead Language: Latin medical terminology 4 45
Etiquette townfolk 2 15
Folk Ken Patients 2 15
Live Language: Arabic classical 5 0
Live Language: Spanish Castilian 5 75
Live Language: Occitan Catalan 4 20
Live Language: French Bourguignon 4 20
Live Language: Greek medical terminology 4 50
Medicine physician 6+2 105
Music qanun 2 15
Philosophiae alchemy 2 15
Ride speed 2 15
Swim distance 1 5
Teaching Medicine 3 30
Theology – Christianity biblical knowledge 1 5
Theology – Islam knowledge of the Koran 2 15


Formula Type Strength Cost
Tonic of Gold theriac Weak 5
Mustard Plaster theriac Moderate 5
Hyacinth Plaster theriac Moderate 10
Soporific Sponge theriac Mighty 15
Ointment for Healing Crushed Flesh theriac Moderate 20
Ointment for Congealing Blood theriac Moderate 20

Theriacs description

Hyacinth Plaster

Theriac Level 10
Potency: Moderate
When applied to a wound, this linen cloth smeared with ointment containing ground hyacinth (among other things) grants a +3 to the patient’s next Wound Recovery rolls for all Heavy, Medium, and Light Wounds by drawing out accumulated choler, which causes inflammation.
(base 3, +3 Strong)

Ointment for Healing Crushed Flesh

Theriac Level 20
Potency: Moderate
This compress of hyacinth and comfrey reinforces flesh and heals compression injuries; it cures a Medium Wound caused by a crushing weapon over the course of a month.
(base 10, +2 Moderate)

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