Bernat del Cavall

Winter 1242


Characteristics: Int -1, Per 2, Com -1, Pre -2, Str 0, Dex 3, Sta 0, Qik 2
Age: 18
Confidence: 3(3)
Personality: Moral 2, Shy 1, Self-Confident 1

Virtues (7 points):

Premonitions (minor): // Roll Per + Premonitions vs variable ease to predict danger //
Light Touch (minor): // +1 to rolls, -1 botch die to subtle manipulations //
Ways of the Town (major): // +3 to all rolls, including combat, that directly involve that area and its inhabitants; -1 botch die than normal (down to 0). Town animals don't molest //
Puissant Stealth (minor)
Privileged Upbringing (minor)
Peasant (free)

Flaws (7 points):

Enemies (the court of the Bishops of Urgell) (major)
Judged Unfairly (minor): No-one can see past the fact Bernat is a spy; they assume he's untrustworthy, whereas actually he has a very strong moral code
Dutybound (minor): Having grown up with a taste of privilege, before being squarely brought back down to near-poverty, then re-elevated to a comfortable position, Bernat feels it is his duty to champion the weak and downtrodden, even if inconvenient or if they are undeserving
Nocturnal (minor): -1 to all rolls between dawn and midday
Social Handicap (minor): Bernat has a stutter. -3 on appropriate rolls


Language (Occitan) 5 (Catalan)
Area Lore (Pyrenees) 2 (geograpy)
Area Lore (Andorra) 12xp (hidden ways)
Stealth 62xp (sneak)
Guile 31xp (impersonation)
Athletics 5 (acrobatics)
Awareness 53xp (searching)
Swim 1 (speed)
Artes Liberales 1 (grammar)
Thrown 212xp (knives)
Single Weapon 24xp (short sword)
Language (Latin) 2 (Church documents)
Etiquette 1 (nobility)
Ride 1 (speed)
Theology 1 (history)
Civil & Canon Law 1 (Pyrenees)
Animal Handling 2 (horses)
Concentration 2 (keeping watch)
Legerdemain 31xp (lock picking)
Premonitions 3 (self)
Folk Ken 1 (clergy)
Intrigue 1 (gossip)
Church Lore 1 (personalities)
Profession: Soldier 13xp (??)


Bernat grew up in the town of Adrall, just 10 miles from the Andorran border. His father was groom to the Senor d'Adrall ("Lord Adrall"), who kept a fine stable of six horses. Senor d'Adrall also had a son, Ramon, who was 3 months Bernat's senior. The two boys were natural friends, and often got into mischief together. Occasionally, Bernat attended young Ramon's lessons, gaining a broad, but scattergun, education.

Sadly, when Bernat was 12, Senor d'Adrall lost a quantity of his fortune in a misguided trade venture; the stables were reduced, and Bernat's father was let go. Bernat had to bid farewell to his childhood friend, and set off to pursue a very different life. Eventually, at the age of 15, Bernat found employment with the court of the Bishop of Urgell. His speed and talent for going unseen had impressed the Bishop's spymaster, and Bernat was recruited as a field agent. In this capacity he excelled for 3 years until, returning from a mission one night and entering the bishop's stronghold by an unorthodox route, he overheard a conversation between the Bishop and… someone. Stopping to listen, Bernat realised that the Bishop was entering into a deal with some kind of supernatural being, promising it money from the collection plate in exchange for continued favour at court.

The deal may have been more involved still, but Bernat unluckily dislodges a loose chipping from the window ledge he was standing on, and the conversation stopped abruptly. As he fled the scene, Bernat heard voices behind and below him shouting for him to stop. Knowing that he would be identified, and fully aware of the fate of spies who know too much, Bernat ran for his life. As he headed into the surrounding mountains, wondering where he could seek refuge from beings not of this world, he remembered the tales of a group of magi living in Andorra. With the dual promise of another territory, and magical protection, Bernat turned his steps north, heading for the covenant at Arans.

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