Bernat The Puppy

Tiana's Character Sheet
Tiana's background

The runt of a litter of magical sheepdogs, Bernat has remained a pup ever since Tia found him, and has never grown up. He is very loyal to his mistress, and is not very useful, but the two are devoted to each other and Tiana goes nowhere without her friend.

Might: 7
** Characteristics:** Cun +1, Per +2, Pre 0, Com 0, Str -3, Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik +3
Size: -2
Qualities/Inferiorities: Keen Sense of Smell, Sharp Ears, Improved Characteristics, Lesser Power, Tough, Improved Fatigue, Susceptible to Deprivation
Abilities: Athletics 5 (distance running), Awareness 4 (hearing), Brawl 5 (bite), Hunt 4 (scent tracking), Music 2 (howling), Profession: shepherd 2 (guarding against danger), Spanish 2 (simple commands), Stealth 2 (stealing food when humans aren't looking), Survival 4 (prairie)
Powers: "Inexorable Hunter" 5p InAn/Co (RoP:M p31)

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