• Camilo, ordinary grog of the Covenant
  • Carles of Jerbiton, member of Barcelona covenant, owns and operates an occult bookstore, right in plain view of mundane society. And he has been getting away with it for years.
  • Carmen, Daughter of Robert of Flambeau at Bellaquin covenant.
  • Casper of Bonisagus, a member of Fengheld covenant, and a lead researcher on the topic of the hedge wizard allegedly serving Frederick II.
  • Celeres ex Bonisagus, An obsessed, and slightly crazy, magus in Cunfin covenant, who is looking for the Holy Grail
  • Constans of Jerbiton, member of Barcelona covenant, set up in place of Franc Several of Jerbiton when Franc faked his death several years ago .
  • Constantius of Jerbition, a member of Bellaquin covenant who looks like Solomon enough to be mistaken for his brother.
  • Cornelius ex Bonisagus, a senior quaesitor from Zealand covenant.

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