Campo de Marte (Camp of Mars)

Founded: 1197
Status: Spring

Locates near Zamora in Leon, they are a covenant of martial magi, mainly Milites from Houses Flambeau and some members of House Tremere, and a few members of other Houses. They have little outside interests, and care mainly about the perfection of their art. They serve as an elite training center, charging a small fee for their tutelage. Flambeau and other martial magi throughout the Order take advantage of these services, and Castra Solis (the Domus Magnus of House Flambeau) likes to recruit young magi who were gauntleted here (either apprentices of the members or apprentices of others that are boarders under a fostering agreement). This was also the covenant Karandos of Flambeau at the time of the Shadow Wars.

Roberto's mentor, Santiago, is currently a member of this covenant.

The Magi

Campo de Parte has mostly Flambeau magi as members. Some of its members are:

  • Santiago is one of the most prominent members there.
  • Diego ex Flambeau is a soldier and a magus who has been known to take on missions for Santiago.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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