Cecilio Ex Bonisagus Grimoire


Intellego Corpus

Hear Their Pain
InCo 15
R: Personal T: Hearing D: Mom
This spell provides information similar to Physician’s Eye. However the information comes through the sense of hearing, the sound indicating health. Melodious sounds for healthy people, with poor health marred by notes of discord.
Base 4, +3 Hearing

Rego Corpus

Walk on Air
ReCo 15
R: Personal T: Self D: Sun
The Maga who casts this can walk (or crawl or swim any slow form of movement) in any direction as if she was walking over a sold surface without falling. She can climb in much the same way someone would walk up stairs or climb a ladder. As a side effect the maga won’t fall fast enough to hurt herself when she falls.
Base 5, +2 Sun


Creo Herbam

Banana Slice-CrHe-20
R: Touch T: Group+2 D:Mon, Ritual
The maga fills an area with up 1000 cubic paces worth of dried, sweetened sliced bananas. This exotic fruit from the far, far east is both delicious and nutritious. And since they come dried, the large quantity of the fruit keeps for a long time. Cecilio’s sigil manifests in a slight coppery taste which she says adds flavor.
Base 2 +1 Touch +2 group +2 size +1 sweetness


Creo Ignem

Gaze of Pain
CrIg 15
R: Sight T: Individual D: Sun
The victim of this spell feels a flash of heat as flames smolder on their skin or clothing. The target suffers +5 damage.
Base 4, +3 sight


Intellego Vim

Vis Hunt
InVi 15
R: Personal T: Sight D: Sun
The maga can see vis, still in its natural form, for as long as the spell remains active. Enchanted items and vis that has been moved won’t show up. Cecilio’s sigil flecks her eyes with what appears to be copper.
Base 1, +4 vision, +2 sun.

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