Common Tremere Items

Some items are common amongst House Tremere. Due to their general usefulness to a soldier, they have been produced by generations of magi, using lab texts, and handed down from mater to filia.
Minor versions of these sometimes exist, too, and are even more common, such as an Individual target Charm of Paralysis.

Most items are Lesser ones: Although these require a high lab total to create the first time (which may be attained by a team of magi), they have a good return on investment, requiring less time than Greater Enchanted Items


Box of Iron Nails

Tremere Vis Cost: 08 pawns
Andorra Vis cost: 42 q.p. (A little more than 10 pawns)

A wooden box, slightly bigger than a closed fist and longer than a hand, finely engraved and decorated, can house as much as 10 long, sharp, iron nails. When someone holds it open in one hand, while making gestures with the other, nails will rise as commanded, flying towards the target designated by the hand motions.
Despite being more difficult to create than usual Vilano stone-throwers, House Tremere traditionnally favors this, as Iron was especially effective against the diedne's faerie allies and/or servants.
Invested Effect: Invisible Arbalest of Vilano, ReTe base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Metal = lvl 25, +10 Frequency: unlimited uses = lvl 35: This throws a metal object with enough force to do +10 damage, with a range increment of 20 paces. Sharp, pointy items, like nails or throwing daggers, may do up to +15 damage. Since this is a Vilano spell, this bypasses magical resistance, but requires a Finesse roll to hit.

Charm of Paralysis

Tremere Vis Cost: 08 pawns
Andorra Vis cost: 48 q.p. (12 pawns)

A silver bracelet looking like a folded whip with an inserted magnet, this enchantment is designed to disable mundanes opponents: It can paralyse a Group of human targets, provided they aren't protected by Magical Resistance whenever the hand holding it is raised whereas "Aliquis" is said.
Invested Effect: Incantation of Paralysis, PeCo base 05, +2 Voice, +1 Conc, +2 Group = lvl 30, +5 Frequency: 24/day, +5 hold Concentration = lvl 40: This holds a group of human targets motionless, paralysing their bodies. Depending on their position, they may fall to the ground.


Combat Webbing

(Name taken from Timothy Ferguson's excellent Myrarion pieces. Dunno what it is, so this is only my take in it).
Woven from silk harvested from faerie spiders, this dark close-fitting body suit is designed to provide a measure of protection, be it through its supernatural toughness or its stealth abilities.
Its Excellent quality gives +3 to Soak and +3 hide, or just +1 soak it it isn't tailored for you. Additional enchantments add a further +3 Soak
Invested Effect: Doublet of Impenetrable Silk, MuAn base 4, +0 Per, +2 Sun, +0 Ind = lvl 10, +1 Frequency: 2/day, +3 Trigger: Constant = lvl 14
Invested Effect: Cloak of Invisibility, PeIm base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +0 Individual, +1 changing Image = lvl 15, +5 Maintains Concentration, +5 for 24 uses/day = lvl 25. As Veil of Invisibility, with slightly different parameters.

Impenetrable Hauberk

Tremere Vis Cost: 13 pawns
Andorra Vis cost: 54 q.p. (A little less than 14 pawns)

A Full Leather Scale Armor of Excellent quality, giving +3 to Soak and -3 to load (Cost: 36qpv = 9 pawns). It has been enchanted with a Doublet of Impenetrable Silk, bringing its total protection to +11 soak, and its load to only 2. The warping means these armors often have strange looks, and maybe some flaws. Still, such a constant enchantment is invulnerable to non-ritual Perdo Vim magics, making it precious enough.
Invested Effect: Doublet of Impenetrable Silk, MuAn base 4, +0 Per, +2 Sun, +0 Ind = lvl 10, +1 Frequency: 2/day, +3 Trigger: Constant = lvl 14

Since such an excellent armor must be tailored for a specific wearer (BS&S p112) to deploy their full efficacy, secondhand armors are less efficient. Thus, magi are sometimes equipped with the equivalent of Superior Full Leather Scale Armor, giving only +1 to Soak, for a total protection of +09 soak and +5 load (Tremere Vis Cost: 4 pawns; Andorra Vis cost: 19 q.p. or 5 pawns)

The Phantom Fortress

Tremere Vis Cost: 08 pawns
Andorra Vis cost: 48 q.p. (12 pawns)

A small granite hammer that, when taped upon the ground, creates a huge, circular tower, used by tremere magi as temporary fortresses. Its shape made it easy to cast circular wards on it, thus strengthening the tower against all kind of menaces. While very popular around the corruption of House Tytalus, they fell in disregard during the schism war, save as decoys for Diedne magi. Following breakthroughs in Rego Vim magics in 1124, their usefulness is being reevaluated, and their possible use reintroduced in doctrina.
Invested Effect:Conjure the Transient Tower, CrTe base 3, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +1 elaborate design, +4 size = lvl 40, +0 Frequency: 1/day = lvl 40. Not unlike "Conjuring the Mystic Tower", this spell creates a tower big enough to house magi and their servants. Unlike that spell, however, the tower is cruder, more designed for war than anything else, and its design can't be customized.

Wand of Shelter against (Beings)

Tremere Vis Cost: 10 pawns
Andorra Vis Cost: 54 q.p. (A little more than 13 pawns)

Used in the field, where the casting of an aegis proves unpractical, this brass wand is inscribed with shields of various shapes. When used to trace a circle upon the ground, they protect the zone inside it with a Circular Ward against creatures with either Divine, Magical, Faerie or Infernal Might, although Divine wards are far less common than Infernal ones, which, in turn, are less common than their Magical or Faerie counterparts.
Invested Effect: Circular Ward Against Demons/Faeries/Magical Creatures/Angelic Beings, ReVi base 15, +1 Touch +2 Ring, +0 Circle = lvl 30, +0 1 use per day, +15 Penetration 30 = lvl 45

Communication and Travel

The Dutiful Reporter

Tremere Vis Cost: 10 pawns, + 02 pawns for the fixed AC
Andorra Vis Cost: 54 q.p. (A little more than 13 pawns), + 08 q.p. for the fixed AC

Tremere magi in the field sometimes need to report their findings, or to coordinate with other magi Tremeris. This requires the use of Arcane Connections, which, in turn, present a security risk: An Arcane Connection to a sodales can be used to target her, and even an Arcane Connection to a servant or allied covenant can be used to spy or attack.
To that end, magi tremeris have developed Communications Hub: Hidden, buried places, some centuries old, in which a Tremere Maga can project her image and confer with her sodales. An enemy finding such a place, or acquiring an AC to it, could only spy on these reports, although even that possibility is covered through The Invisible Eye Revealed, just as traps are there for those who'd teleport in it. Still, compared to the alternative, even spying is a small cost.

So, the house devised these small pendants, with an opal on one side and an embedded Arcane Connection on the other side, activated with the words "Briefing Command".
Invested Effect: Report for Duty, Re(In)Im base 15, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +1 additional sense, +1 requisite = lvl 35, +5 maintains concentration, +5 for 24 uses/day = lvl 45. Not unlike Image from the Wizard Torn, this shift the maga's image and voice to AC range, while also allowing her to see and hear what happens there. All the while, she's invisible and silent at her location, nor can she see and hear anything

Mirror of Communication

Tremere Vis Cost: 08 pawns
Andorra Vis cost: 48 q.p. (12 pawns)

Less secure than Dutiful Reporters, these devices are both more practival and serve as a decoy, fooling their ennemies into thinking this is how the Tremere communicate important information.
Each mirror has a set of fixed Arcane Connections to it, that are supposed to be put in place in another mirror.
This allows the projection of one's image and voice into another mirror, which can in turn be activated for 2-ways communication.
Of course, due to the security risks, mirrors not in the field are put in secure, trapped locations, so that an ennemy wanting to use them to attack the house would be quite surprised.

Invested Effect: Phantom Reflection, CrIm base 2, +4 AC, +2 Conc, +2 moves as you concentrate = lvl 30, +5 Maintains Concentration, +5 for 24 uses/day = lvl 40

Unfolding Tent

Tremere Vis Cost: 06 pawns
Andorra Vis Cost: 28 q.p. (07 pawns)

A small, folded tent that changes into a pavilion when thrown on the ground, this is useful whenever a magus must spend the night outside.
Invested Effect: Gigantic Growth, MuHe base 3, +2 Sun, +1 Unnatural, +2 Size = lvl 20, +3 Frequency: 6/day = lvl 23. This spell increases a small tent's size by a factor of 100, making it big enough to comfortably house a magus and his retinue. The entire tent must be made of Herbam products, and is enchanted as one item.


Armband of Masking

Tremere Vis Cost: 10 pawns
Andorra Vis Cost: 60 q.p. (15 pawns)

A bronze armband, used by Tremere magi to hide their defensive spells and helps themselves pass as mundane to magical inspection, this makes up to 100 enchantments on the wearer seem non-magical to any Intellego spell of level 50 or less, whenever the command phrase "Mundane Veil" is spoken.
Invested Effect: Masking the Odor of Magic, PeVi base 15, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group, +1 Size = lvl 45, +5 Frequency: 24/day = lvl 50

General Purpose

Amulet of Recovery

Tremere Vis Cost: 08 pawns
Andorra Vis Cost: 48 q.p. (12 pawns)

This piece of rock crystal, hanging from a simple chain, has been enchanted to bind wounds if needed, and to otherwise help its wearer survive and recover from his injuries, providing +9 to recovery rolls. The first effect is activated by saying "Heal" while touching the amulet, while the second one's command word is "Preserve".
Invested Effect: Purification of the Festering Wounds, CrCo base 04, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +0 Ind = lvl 20, +0 Once per day = lvl 20
Invested Effect: Bind Wound, CrCo base 03, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +0 Ind = lvl 10, +10 Unlimited uses = lvl 20

Chest of Arcane Strenghtening

Tremere Vis Cost: 10 pawns
Andorra Vis Cost: 53 q.p. (A little more than 13 pawns)

This small wooden chest preserves arcane connections, ensuring that even transient ones remain valid for years. Tremere magi haven't yet found a magical alternative to fixing Arcane Connections, but this is the best they've been able to do. Should an Arcane Connection be removed from the box, it immediately regains its old decay rate*.
Invested Effect: Shelter the Mystical Connection, CrVi base 15, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Room = lvl 40, +4 Constant = lvl 44

  • The peculiar nature of this enchantment allows this to work. Otherwise, items wouldn't need to stay in the box to be preserved, but additional items wouldn't be able to be added to the pool of preserved items.

Satchel of Preservation

Tremere Vis Cost: 06 pawns
Andorra Vis Cost: 36 q.p. (09 pawns)

A leather pouch that preserves any animal and herbam product put into it from decay, thus ensuring that any food put inside doesn't spoil.
Invested Effect: Preserve from Decay, ReAn(He) base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Room, +1 Herbam requisite = lvl 20, +10 unlimited uses = lvl 30

Wall Builder

Tremere Vis Cost: 08 pawns
Andorra Vis Cost: 48 q.p. (12 pawns)

This ornate bronze handle can create stone walls at will. These are used in all kind of fashion by Tremere magi and servants, from building temporary fortifications to caging enemies, corralling beasts or improvising bridges.
Invested Effect:Wall of Protecting Stone, CrTe base 3, +3 Sight, +2 Sun, +2 Size = lvl 30, +10 unlimited uses = lvl 40

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