Formed: 810
Status: ???

The Covenant of the Confluence is the largest of the Quaesitorial covenants in the Tribunal, hidden in the swamps of the Cotentin Peninsula. Normandy is one of the more turbulent Tribunals, so investigators and hoplites dominate Confluensis. Constructed in the shape of giant stone flowers, the covenant represents both growth and stability for the region. Its location at the point where the fresh river water meets the salty seawater is emblematic of its purpose as well: it exists to maintain a balance between the covenants of Normandy. To this end, the covenant maintains several vassals, including the lesser covenants of House Guernicus in the Normandy Tribunal and Dragon’s Rest, a Mercer House on the Seine. The covenant itself has suffered a major setback recently, and it remains to be seen if it has the strength to continue in its role.

Resident Magi

  • Aristarcus ex Guernicus
  • Augustina ex Tytalus: The Traitor
  • Cavilor ex Guernicus
  • Jerome ex Jerbiton
  • Proctor ex Guernicus
  • Valerian ex Guernicus

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.

Lucas's Contacts

  • Jerome ex Jerbiton

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