Coventry Mercer House

Founded: ???
Status: n/a

The unGifted Redcaps are not attached to any particular covenant, instead traveling constantly around the country. There are five of them, all men, as they have to travel alone: Jocelin, Perceval, Great William, Little William, and Edgar. They are based at a substantial house, called Mercer House, a little way outside Coventry. Mercer House is built in a weak magical aura, and contains a Hermes Portal which connects to Harco, the domus magna of House Mercere in the Roman Tribunal. Each Redcap has an enchanted item which can cast a higher level version of Leap of Homecoming once per day. This effect will bring a Redcap and his horse back to the central courtyard of Mercer House from anywhere in the tribunal.

The Redcaps, therefore, travel to covenants by mundane means, and use the magic to return to Mercer House, usually leaving from just outside a covenant’s Aegis of the Hearth. Each covenant is visited every other month, and unless something goes wrong the Redcap will arrive two days after the full moon, and stay for three days. Blackthorn, Semitae, Schola Pythagoranis, Burnham, and Ungulus are visited in one month; Cad Gadu, Libellus, Nigrasaxa, and Voluntas in the next.

Resident Redcaps

  • Edgar: Edgar is the newest Redcap in the Tribunal, in his early twenties. He is very good looking, with light brown hair and gray eyes, and he has a definite way with women. He doesn’t have any magical items yet.
  • Jocelin: Jocelin is in his late twenties, and has brown hair and beard, and green eyes. He has a soft spot for new covenants, and is usually the only Redcap a new covenant sees for a few years. He tends to ride his horses a bit harder than necessary. He has an enchanted shield.
  • Perceval: Perceval is in his late forties, and is thinking about retiring. He is married, and his wife, Lucy, and children live at Mercer House. His eldest child, Guy, is only ten, as he married quite late. Lucy thinks that Maud, their two-year-old daughter, has the Gift, and Perceval thinks she may be right, although he fears that this is just wishful thinking. He is tall and thin, and rapidly going bald. He refuses to take his red cap off, even when he is inside, although it is not enchanted. He will offer help to any covenant in a crisis, but thinks that people should be able to handle daily life for themselves. He has a brooch which can make him and his horse invisible.
  • Great William: Great William has giants’ blood, and is just under eight feet tall, and broad in the shoulders. He is in his mid thirties, and wears his blonde hair and beard unfashionably long. He is very interested in the theory of magic, and has a quick mind and surprisingly wide knowledge. He has boots that allow him to walk faster than normal, and a large axe enchanted to be more accurate — he is not a very skilled fighter.
  • Little William: Little William is only little next to Great William — he is well over six feet tall, and even more solidly built than Great William. He is in his late thirties. He is the only Redcap to wear armor as a matter of course, and he normally wears chainmail armor enchanted to be lighter. He is a very skilled fighter, and carries a sword and shield. He takes great pride in his fighting prowess, and relishes opportunities for practice or training.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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