Crun Clach

Founded: 954
Status: Autumn

Crun Clach is inside a sithean (shee-hen, faerie mound), which Caitlin Suil Uaine won in a shinty match in 954. The previous owner of the hill was a moderately powerful prince of the seelie court known as the Prince of the Grey Jerkin. Many of the inhabitants of the covenant are good folk, who were in servitude to the Prince and remained in the hill after Caitlin won ownership.

The hill of the covenant is a gently rounded slope with a “crown” of stones jutting out of the ground about ten feet below the top of the hill. The entrance to the hill can be found most days only by those possessing the means to pierce the glamour that hides the doorway (Second Sight + Perception 8+, Faerie Eyes, Intéllego Imágonem spells of level 10, or the goodwill of the covenant). The doorway, once found, is revealed to be a stone covered with delicate tracery in the Pictish style. The door must be attuned to the visitor, or he or she must be brought through by a member of the covenant. On Beltane, Samhain, and the night of the full moon, the glamour is thin, and anyone may see the door on a Perception roll of 4+. Those who have special abilities can see the door automatically at these times.

Once past the door, the characters are in the lowest level of the regio that the covenant occupies. Here are the stables, kitchens, and quarters of the mortal servants. This level of the regio has a Magic aura of 3 and a Faerie aura of 2. The halls here are hewn out of the natural granite of the hill and have running patterns carved into them. Some rooms are painted, and all have a slightly fey quality about them—disconcerting to the first-time visitor.

The second level of the regio can be entered by any of the sith. They appear to walk down corridors that have no exits, or open doors that did not exist before their arrival and do not exist once they pass. This second level has a Faerie Aura of 3 and a Magic aura of 3. The walls are of the purest quartz, fine-veined with traces of gold. The walls glow with a diffused light, illuminating the hall so that there are no shadows. Here are quarters for the bulk of the court, as well as a number of storerooms for vis and goods.

The last level of the regio has a strength 6 Faerie aura and a strength 4 Magic aura. It is restricted to the magi, and here can be found their labs and living quarters. This level of the covenant is constructed of an intelligent, living stone that is named Am Balla (am ba-la, The Wall).

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