Founded: 1192
Status: ???

Located in the Champagnois village from which it takes its name, the covenant of Cunfin is home to both magi and monks. This is an unusual arrangement, but it has proven to be a useful one as it allows the Order of Hermes to stay informed about matters within the Church that might concern them. It is here that the concerns of the Order mingle with the matters of the world in more ways than one. The covenant also houses a Mercere Portal to Dragon’s Rest. All of the Magi in the covenant except Angelus have the Gentle Gift.

The Magi

  • Angelus ex Miscellanea: A holy hermit who contemplates the Divine.
  • Artorius Filius Celeres ex Bonisagus: 'Squire' to Celeres.
  • Celeres ex Bonisagus: An obsessed, and slightly crazy, magus looking for the Holy Grail
  • Eloi ex Jerbiton: A devout magus who acts as the prior of the monastery at Cunfin under the name Brother Elegius. He is devoted to improving relations between the Order and the Church.
  • Évard de Tours ex Mercere: Senior Redcap of the Normandy Tribunal
  • Talbot de Mercere: An elderly Gentle Gifted mutantes magus with a gift for self-transformation. He is the parens of Lucas.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Cunfin has good relations with Lucas, who is working to parlay that into good relations with Andorra in general.

Lucas's Contacts

  • Eloi ex Jerbiton
  • Évard de Tours ex Mercere
  • Talbot de Mercere
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