Custata Of Flambeau

Custata ex Flambeau

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Com 0, Pre +1, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +2, Quik +0

Size: 0

Age: 50 (41)

Decrepitude: 0

Warping: 2 (10)

Confidence: 1 (3)

Gifted Hermetic Magus (Magi, Free), Puissant Ignem (House, Free), Inoffensive to Animals (General, Minor), Cautious Sorcerer (Hermetic, Minor), Inspirational (General, Minor), Puissant Single Weapon (General, Minor), Improved Characteristics (General, Minor), Warrior (General, Minor), Puissant Creo (Hermetic, Minor), Animal Ken (Supernatural, Minor), Enduring Constitution (General, Minor), Tough (General, Minor)
Flaws: Feud (Story, Major), Twilight Prone (Major, Hermetic), Carefree (Personality, Minor), Deficient Aquam (Hermetic, Minor), Optimistic (Personality, Minor), Incompatable Arts Creo / Muto Mentem (Hermetic, Minor)

Personality Traits: Enthusiastic +2, Inappropriately Cheerfull +3, Brave +2


Initiative, Longsword +1
Defence, Longsword: +10 / +13 Heater / +16 mounted
Attack, Longsword: +14 / +17 mounted
Soak: +7 (+4 plus robes +3)

Fatigue: OK, 0, 0, -2, -4, ko

Wound Penalties: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+) (cumulative -1 from Enduring Const.)

Animal Ken (Horses): 3, Animal Handling (Horses): 3, Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Casting): 1, Athletics (Hiking): 2, Awareness (Danger): 3, Brawl (Grapple): 2, Charm (Authority Figures): 2, Chirurgy (First Aid): 1, Concentration (Maintain Spells): 3, Finesse (Targetting): 5, Folk Ken (Subordinates): 2, Hunt (Track): 3, Latin (): 4, Leadership (Custodes): 2, Magic Theory (Enchant): 6/20, Parma Magica (Mentem): 6, Penetration (Ignem): 5, Pilum of Fire (): 3, Provencal (Cursing): 5, Ride (Battle): 3, Survival (Emergencies): 2, Single Weapon (Longsword): 6+2, Swim (Distance): 2

Arts: Cr: 12+3, In: 4, Mu: 5, Pe: 3, Re: 4, An: 10, Aq: 0, Au 1, Co: 10, He: , Ig: 8+3, Im: 0, Me: 0, Te: 1, Vi: 6

Twilight Scars & Effects: none

1. Corona of fire around suitable body part when casting spells.
2. Active spells on Custata produce a feeling of contentment and companionship in those in close proximity.
3. Followed by an unpleasant smell of burning.

Magic Sigil: Exuberance

Symbolic Sigil: Coronal Sun

Equipment: Warhorse, tack and bridle, longsword, lance, 2 daggers, Robes of Impenetrable Wool, Heater shield, Boots, bag of snacks, wineskin, Talismanic Blade (steel sword inset with amber and rubies), Broach of the Berserkers



Load = 5, Burden = 2-1 = 1

Spells Known:
Arc of Fiery Ribbons CrIg25 Voice / Mom / Group +27 (+6)
Bind Wound CrCo10 Touch / Sun / Ind. +16 (+4)
Charge of the Angry Winds CrAu15 Voice / Conc. / Ind. +16
Circular Ward Against Demons ReVi20 Touch / Ring / Circle +11
Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude MuCo25 Per / Sun / Ind +16 (+4)
Master the Unruly Beast ReAn25 Touch / Conc. Ind. +15
Noonday Light CrIg15 Per / Conc. / Ind. +27
Pilum of Fire CrIg20 Voice / Mom / Ind +30 (+6) Mastered lvl. 3
Pierce the Magic Veil InVi20 Per. / Conc / Vision +11
Purification of the Festering Wound CrCo20 Touch/Moon/Ind. +26 (+4)
Restoration of the Defiled Body CrCo25 Touch/Mom./Ind.Rit. +26 (+4)
Sight of the True Form InCo25 +15 (+4)
Stench of the Twenty Corpses CrAu10 Voice / Diam. / Ind. +16
Stroke of Sol Invictus CrIg30 Touch / Mom. / Ind. +28 (+6)
Summon the Waiting Blade, ReTe10 Voice / Mom / Ind +6
Wall of Thorns CrHe20 Voice / Sun / Group +16
Ward Against the Beasts of Legend ReAn25 Touch / Ring / Circle +15
Wizards Sidestep: ReIm10 Per / Sun / Ind +5

New Spells:

Summon the Waiting Blade, ReTe10 Voice / Mom / Ind, (summons a metal object to hand, usually his sword)

Noonday Light CrIg15 (Caster emits light as bright as direct sunlight for up to 6 paces in every direction)

Stroke of Sol Invictus CrIg30 Touch / Mom. / Ind. (+30 Fire Damage at touch range),


Custata is a warrior, a lethal swordsman, an inspirational leader, and occasionally, a pain in the ass. He is the offspring of a minor Provencal knightly family, and his early training was dedicated to his expected role as a military retainer to his elder brother. The training paid off. Although an adequately skilled rider and soldier, he is an absolute demon with a blade in his hand.

Custata is blessed with the sort of sunny disposition that sets his more melancholic companions’ teeth on edge. Despite having seen his share of both bloodshed and magical terror, he remains an essentially untroubled soul, and a dashing figure at the forefront of battle. This may account for Custata’s remarkable ability to inspire troops under his command. More than one battle has been swayed by the sight of him standing against a horde of foes, his red-blond hair flying, and the steel of his sword flashing as he rallied his men.

Custata took to his Gift, House Flambeau, and the Knights of Seneca like a fish to water. A burny, fiery fish. He delights in his magic, although he occasionally loses control, despite his best efforts to channel the energies coursing through him. He is a loyal follower of the Knights, to the point that he has been identified at the heart of a number of conflicts between that Order and the Order of Mithras. This has left him exposed to the occasional, factionally-motivated attempt on his life, attempts which, to date, he has survived.


20 years = 80 seasons = 60 seasons xp, 20 seasons seasonal work

18 seasons = 180xp

Raise MT to 6 = 55
Raise Creo to 12 = 42 (97)
Raise Corpus to 10 = 45 (142) (LT = 36)
Raise Parma to 3 – 25 (177)
Raise Pe to 2 = 3

1 season to make Longevity Potion, LT = 36 (aging rolls to 40:, age 5 years, apparent age +2) (aging rolls to 50, age 10 years, apparent age +4)
Winter, age 35, Raise Re to 4

40 seasons = 400xp

Raise Parma to 6 = 75xp
Raise Finesse, Penetration to 5 = 140 (215)
Raise Single Weapon to 6 = 55 (260)
Raise 5 Skills from 2 to 3 = 75 (335)
Raise An to 10 (45) (377)
Raise Vi to 6 (20) (397)
Raise Pe to 3 (3) (400)

20 Seasons work

1. Open Talisman Sword with Inset Amber and Ruby, Attune +6 fire-related effects.
2-4. Master Pilum of Fire (Penetration, Spell Resistance, Multi-Cast)
5-6. Instil CrIg 10 (as per blade of virulent flame, CrIg 10, +3, 6 uses per day, +15 extra penetration (Pen 30) = CrIg28) LT42, Attune +4 Corpus
7. Learn Ward Against the Beasts of Legend ReAn25
8. Learn Master the Unruly Beast ReAn25
9. Make Robes of Impenetrable Wool (MuAn 14, Lt = 30, constant effect)
10. Learn Charge of the Angry Winds and Stench of Twenty Corpses LT = 25
11. Learn Restoration of the Defiled Body, Bind Wound LT 36
12. Learn Sight of the True Form InCo25 LT 25
13. Make Broach of the Berserkers (As Endurance, but sun, 1 charge ReCo20, LT 24)
14: Learn Piercing the Magic Veil InVi20 LT 21
15 Learn Circular Ward Against Demons LT21
16-17 Invent Summon the Waiting Blade, LT = 16
18 Invent Noonday Light (Base 5, +1 concentration +1 Size) LT 37
19-20 Invent Stroke of Sol Invictus CrIg30 Touch / Mom. / Ind. (+30 Damage), LT=46


Event 1: Early in his career, Custata fires a Pilum of Fire and botches (single die), in combat. He accepts Twilight in the hopes of passing through it quickly. He rolls 2+stress d10 vs 0 +stress d10

Control = 11, Warp = 8, Twilight is momentary - Custata sees the world flicker before his eyes, and for a moment, it seems as if the world is made entirely of flame.

Twilight Scar: When Custata casts a spell, the appropriate body part is briefly lit by a corona of fire, Custata gains 3 warping points, and a new magnitude 3 spell, InAq15 Call of the Rushing Waters Arc. Conc. Ind.

Event 2: Having begun to master pilum of fire, Custata feels safe from botches, until he attempts to help a companion's aging crisis. This time, he tries to resist.

Rolling 9 (Vim has not been increased from 5 at this point) + stress die vs. 4 (1 warping point, +3 aura) plus stress die, and successfully resists (note ad 1 to second die roll)..

1 Warping point gained

Event 3: Having just learned arc of the Fiery Ribbons, Custata tries it out against a horde of dark fae who have cut him off from his sodales. In all the exitement, he loses control. Again hoping to control the surge of magic, Custata voluntarily enters twilight.

Roll 2 + stress die vs 1 plus stress die, rolling [url=]twice results in a 22 vs. 8. Again, Custata is lucky, and to all observation, merely flickers momentarily. For him, however, the experience is far longer. Custata is wrapt by a vision, in which he perceives the interconnectedness of all things, and how both birth and death are contributing factors to this web of life. He receives 5 warping points, and 10 xp toward magic theory

8 warping points gained, Twilight scar = those close to Custata when he has spells active feel a sense of companionship and attraction.

Event 4: While seeking a renegade hedge wizard, Custata is confronted by the mage's pet bear. In an effort to turn the beast aside, Custata casts Master the Unruly Beast, only to feel his magic surge out of control. Desperate to avoid being a target, Custata tries to grapple with his magic, and control the twilight episode, and manages to barely hold on.

Gain 2 warping points

Event 5: Pursuing members of the Order of Mithras, Custata becomes convinced they have retreated into a deep magical regio. He casts Pierce the Magic veil, only to find his senses overwhelmed by impending twilight. With no time to spare, Custata throws himself into the experience, hoping to pass through it as quickly as he has in the past. This time, he []fails[/url]. Custata is thrown into a dizzying whirl of light, as he stuggles to regain his senses. Two hours later, he stumbles out of twilight, the Mithrites long gone, and his knowledge of Call of the Rushing Waters now purged from his mind. Stunned, and more than a little woozy from warping Custata stubles home.

Gain 10 warping points, twilight scar, scent of harsh smoke, lose call of the rushing waters.

Custata is one of the many magi that come and go, visiting Andorra briefly before moving on.

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