Daern filius Valdarius

Valdarius second apprentice, Daern wasn't interested in his pater's focus in arms and armors.
He joined the Pillar of Hiram, turning his magical expertise towards buildings and fortifications, creating a new path of magical mastery for the house.

He was one of the magi that rediscovered Andorra. At this occasion, he had the corpse of his pater exhumed and transferred to a tomb beneath the Vault of Valdarius.

After following the Cid during his conquest of Valencia, he had been given for examination the lid on the tomb for ancient King Kush1, which had been kept in the city as an art curiosity.
Using it as an example, he the Vault's door with enchantments patterned after the ones that were once part of the lid. Though broken and faded, their signature remained, and Daern was able to learn enough to duplicate some of its powers.

He had one filius, Valdaern. Sadly, his lineage is, as far as anyone can tell, extinct today.

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