Decimus's Laboratory

Decimus laboratory lies in a glade a little bit of from the covenant. It is a well constructed two stories tall building and surrounded by most beautiful terrain. The building is infested with wines and is seemingly very old. The wines are of magical origin and changes colour appropriate to the season.


Size: +1 Refinement +2 General quality +1 Upkeep +1 Safety +3 Warping 0 Health +3 Aesthetics + 6


Items +1 Texts +1 Rego +1 Intellego +3 Herbam +2 Imaginem +1

Virtues and Flaws

  • Superior equipment, superior tools, superior magical heating, superior magical lighting, dedicated building, greater feature (astronomical device, +3 In), idyllic surroundings, superior construction
  • Infested (wines, +1 He)
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