A white lineage cat of the lineage that followed Mercere who serves Talbot ex Mercere as a familiar.


Animal: white lineage cat
Magic Might: 10
Bond: Gold Cord: 3 (30), Silver Cord: 2 (15), Bronze Cord: 3 (30)
Bond Powers: Mental Communication [CrMe15] from Talbot to Dexter, unlimited uses; Mental Communication [CrMe15] from Dexter to Talbot, unlimited uses, Transform into hawk [MuAn40], unlimited uses

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +3, Pre 0, Com 0, Str -4, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +5
Size: -2
Confidence Score: 1 (11)

Animal Qualities: xxxxx
Qualities: Gift of Speech, xxxx
Inferiorities: Susceptible to Deprivation

Virtues: Magical Animal, True Friend (Talbot), xxxx
Flaws: Magical Friend, xxxx

Personality Traits: xxxx




Name Specialty Score Exp. Notes
Area Lore: Iberian Tribunal geography 2 15
Area Lore: Normandy Tribunal geography 3 30
Area Lore: Provençal Tribunal geography 2 15
Area Lore: Pyrenees geography 1 5
Area Lore: Andorra Geography 1 5
Artes Liberales (Latin alphabet) Ritual magic 1 5
Athletics Swift flying 5 75
Awareness spotting prey 4+2 50
Brawl talons 4 50
Concentration using powers 2 15
Dead Language: Latin hermetic usage 4 0 Familiar bond
Etiquette magi 1 5
Hunt game birds 4 50
Living Language: Occitan Catalan 5 0 Familiar bond
Living Language: French Bourguinon 5 0 Familiar bond
Magic Lore creatures 2 15
Magic Theory assisting in lab 5 76
Order of Hermes Lore House Mercere 2 15
Second Sight Piercing Illusions 5 70
Stealth sneaking up on prey 2 15
Survival mountains 3 30
Teach apprentices 5 85
Wilderness Sense direction 5 70

Magic Powers

Cat Like a Shadow PeIm 15
2 points, Init: Qik –1, Imaginem
R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind
A personal version of Veil of Invisibility, as per ArM5, page 146.
(15 spell levels: Base 4, +2 Sun, +1 changing image)

Filianthrope MuAn 20
2 points, Init: Qik–1, Animal
R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind
The cat takes human shape. This is a Personal version of The Beast Remade (ArM5, page 119).
(20 spell levels: Base 10, +2 Sun, no addition for requisite)

Moving Objects with the Mind ReTe 10
2 points, Terram
R: Sight, D: Conc T: Ind
A Sight Ranged version of Unseen Arm (ArM5, page 155), used by cats to manipulate objects — when humans are not available.
(10 spell levels: Base 2, +3 Sight, +1 Conc)

Bond Powers

Hawk Shape MuAn 40
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Ind
The cat takes the shape of a hawk.
(Base 20, +1M Conc, +5 bond maintains conc, +10 unlimited/day)

Mental Communication (Talbot to Dexter) CrMe15
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Ind
Allows Talbot to mentally communicate with Dexter.

Mental Communication (Dexter to Talbot) CrMe15
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Ind
Allows Talbot to mentally communicate with Dexter.

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