Doissetep (aka Aedas Mercurri)

Founded: 876
Status: Autumn

In Faith and Flame, there is described a covenant called Aedas Mercuri. This is the legal name of that covenant, Doissietep is a commonly used nickname.

They are heavy into the cult of Mercury. They also have a three tiered hierarchy system like Andorra, though they are more old school about it and stricter.
They also have ties to the Knights of Seneca.
They are also a former Val-Negra Tribunal covenant.

They are strongly affiliated with the Cult of Mercury, and believe the Mithranians have distorted the history of the Founder Flambeau.

The Magi

  • Mercuria of Mercere: High Mistress of the covenant
  • Flamarcus of Flambeau: a Pontifex of the covenant
  • Chartreaux of ?????: the treasurer of the covenant; also called "Pinky"

Current Relations with Andorra

  • They are a primary supporter of Andorra Covenant’s independence. Or rather, they support not annexing us.
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