Domus Pacis

Founded: 1169
Status: ???

Located at the base of a cliff some eleven miles north of Jerusalem, on one of the less well-traveled trade routes, Domus Pacis (or Dar al-Salam, “the Abode of Peace”) takes the form of a roadside khan (trade hostelry), where merchants can stop overnight (it is from these merchants that some of the covenant’s income is derived). The khan consists of a central courtyard, surrounded by a high wall, against which are two stories of buildings. The ground floor buildings include the covenant’s smithy and rooms and stores for the use of the merchants, while the first floor rooms are used by most of the grogs and covenfolk. The magi and the remaining grogs live in a system of caves hidden underneath the khan.

The covenant was established in 1169 by Aurora of Jerbiton as a place where members of both Hermetic and non-Hermetic traditions could come and exchange knowledge. Although she has moved on, the covenant remains true to this aim, even though some of the magi also have their own agendas, as described below. From time to time Hermetic magi, raqis and other practitioners of magic come here to discuss their work. However, since the appointment of Tau of Flambeau as Praeco, the covenant now also has another duty as the official meeting place of the tribunal. Once every seven years a number of tents are erected outside the khan to accommodate the visiting magi, while the main gate is closed, opening only to admit the magi attending tribunal. Within, chairs are set up in a ring in the courtyard, where tribunal business is discussed and decisions taken.

Although a seemingly peaceful, inoffensive covenant, Domus Pacis is not without its problems. The more bellicose magi of the tribunal hold the covenant in low esteem, and have managed to insinuate a number of spies into it, who have access to information at the highest levels. In addition, the covenant is not very well defended, and it may only be the fact that its enemies do not consider the covenant to be important enough, coupled with fear of retribution from its powerful allies, which has prevented it from coming under more direct attack. However, the magi are energetic and determined, and so it may not be long before these problems are dealt with.

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