Donna the Weaponsmith

Donna was born of a washerwoman and a dwarf, and as a young woman hid her gender in order to apprentice as a weaponsmith. Her natural abilities earned her an apprenticeship, and years of dedicated study and effort led to her rising to a fairly decent rank within the guild. Unfortunately she was afraid to reveal her gender to anyone, and the suppression of her natural desires was replaced with over consumption of food. Which in the end proved her downfall as her bosom increased in size along with her belly. It became increasingly hard for her compatriots to ignore the fact that she was indeed a she, and as a new head guildsman rose to power he demanded that "Donald" be dragged before him, stripped, and branded as a sexual deviant. The fact that he had no legal authority to do so did not stop it from being done, and Donna fled into the wilderness, where she happened upon a magic cavern where she found and ate some eggs, which turned out to be eggs from a magical intelligent bird, the eating of which granted Dona the ability to craft magical weapons, but when the bird returned and found her eggs eaten, it turned out that despite the regularl appearance of the eggs the mother was able to grow to roughly the size of an elephant and cast lightning from her eyes. She flew into a rage and threatened to kill Donna, but in the end spared her life in exchange for Donna having to perform favors for the mother bird.


Int 0 Per 1
Pre -2 Com 0
Str 2 Sta 0
Dex 5 Quick 0


obese(minor -1)
greedy(major -3)
plagued by supernatural entity(major -3)
transvestite(minor -1)
branded criminal(minor -1)
incomprehensible(minor -1)


puissent craft(minor +1)
affinity with craft(minor +1)
strong faerie blood-dwarf(major +3)
touched by magic(major +3)
great dx(minor +1)
great dx(minor +1)
wealth (purchased with labor points in 1240)


Catalan 5
brawl 3 (5)
athletics 2 (5)
area lore -Toledo 2
weaponsmith 12+3
leadership 7
guile 8
Guild Lore 3
Folk ken 4
animal handling 2
bargain 4
charm 4
intrigue 4
chirurgy 3
music 1
single weapon:1(9)
personal mystery cult lore:3
artes liberales:1

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