Founded: 754
Status: Autumn

Durenmar, the domus magna of House Bonisagus and the oldest covenant in the Order of Hermes, is the meeting place for gatherings of the Rhine Tribunal and the Grand Tribunal, and is home to the Great Library, the repository of collected knowledge of House Bonisagus and the largest collection of Hermetic books that exists. Durenmar likes to consider itself as the center of the Order of Hermes, both traditionally and politically. While it remains greatly respected, largely due to its inseparable association with House Bonisagus, in truth its power and influence are waning somewhat, both within the Rhine Tribunal and further afield. Its Bonisagus magi look inwards, and most of the covenant members are preoccupied with their own research, leaving the neglected infrastructure to slowly crumble. The majority of Durenmar’s magi belong to House Bonisagus, and most other members of that House visit at least once during their lifetime.

The Magi

  • Andrus ex Bonisagus
  • Caecilius ex Bonisagus
  • Ender Wiggins ex Guernicus
  • Gudrun Tigurina ex Verditus
  • Murion ex Bonisagus, prima of House Bonisagus
  • Occultes ex Bonisagus
  • Petrus Virilis ex Bonisagus
  • Ricardus Caespuus ex Bonisagus
  • Tandaline ex Bonisagus
  • Winfrida ex Guernicus
  • Xavier ex Mercere

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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