Founded: 917
Status: Autumn

Located in the Galatia region of Leon, Duresca lies just off the road to Santiago de Compostella. They consist entirely of Quaesitores and Hoplites, but of both House Gurnicus and representatives from other Houses who hold such offices. The Gurnicus magi originally came to research the discovery of the so-called Duresca scrolls, which they declared a forgery. They eventually took over and the original members were marginalized and moved away. Recent rumor has it that Duresca was originally a Diedne covenant, but there is nothing in or about any of the original construction that indicates this. Still, there are curious clues that conspiracy enthusiasts enjoy propagating, mostly ridiculous but some that are interesting.

Resident Magi

  • Antona ex Guernicus:
  • Baruch ex Guernicus: Head Quaesitor of Iberia.
  • Diurnus ex Guernicus:
  • Legera ex Guernicus:
  • Tacitus ex Guernicus:
  • Tresmilla ex Guernicus:
  • Veritas ex Guernicus:

Current Relations with Andorra

  • They do not like the current situation, but they strongly disapprove of the use of manipulation or force in any decision.
  • They are the ones that have ruled that the Grand Tribunal must decide.
  • Their preference is for Andorra to join Iberia.
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