• Elena, ordinary grog of the Covenant.
  • Eloi ex Jerbiton, A devout magus who acts as the prior of the monastery at Cunfin under the name Brother Elegius. He is devoted to improving relations between the Order and the Church.
  • Epona, Provençal archer; she is currently seeing Lucia.
  • Eras Pavo of Jerbiton, former member of Barcelona covenant, associated with heretics and musicians and played at every tavern and nightclub he could. Especially the Gold Gryphon. He was killed in Winter 1234.
  • Eric Ribecus ex Tytalus, Co-founder of Waddenzee covenant, a dashing extrovert with an over-inflated view of his abilities; he is a generalist magus who favors Aquam and Aurum; his familiar is a skua named Aegir.
  • Esteban, ordinary grog of the Covenant.
  • Esteban of Jerbiton, Past Master. An old flame of Carmen, this handsome and daring magus uses his gentle gift to breach the gap between the Order and Mundane society.
  • Évard de Tours ex Mercere, Senior Redcap of the Normandy Tribunal, and resident at Cunfin covenant.
  • Eva, a disfigured orphan who serves as Arachne's servant

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