Edith "Dora" of Flambeau

Born in 1218, she's the daughter of Erique Rudolphius of Mercere.

She met Vulcanus in 1230, and became his pregnant that year (so did her sister Vera Beladonna Rudolphus). She gave birth to Modi in Spring 1231, while her sister bore Magni.
Vulcanus then took her as an Apprentice (as was her sister) when he absconded in 1232. She arrived at Wadanzee that year, and from that hub has traveled with him to Fengheld, Lubek, Durenmar, London, Bellaquin, Italy, and "Asgard".
She was further taken as an Apprentice in 1240 by Cornelius, using his privilege as a Bonisagus for that.

At the end of the Summer 1240, she was introduced to Roberto by Cornelius.
After hearing her tales of adventure and measuring her ability, he declared her a fit Flambeau maga and agreed to become her Mentor and finish her training.
Cornelius administered the Oath to her, and she took up residence in the lower part of Roberto's tower. The agreement was that he would teach her the Parma Magica, and take her out on a combat mission to verify her skills for the Hermetic record. He was not obligated to teach her every year, but would allow her use of his laboratory when not using it, borrow books from the library for her, while she would serve as his sidekick on adventures.

Current Protege of Roberto of Flambeau, mother of Modi

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