Enhanced Operatives

House Tremere employs a score of exceptional mundane collaborators, and, sometimes, these get gravely wounded while on a mission.
Whereas these are usually retired from active duty, some of them are unwilling to do so, and find that the house has the means to help them get back in the field. And while the solution is usually Creo Corpus rituals, a select few take another route, which usually give them an edge over normal limbs.

This is done by replacing lost body parts with magical items with superior properties over the human body.
However, this usually warps them quickly, meaning that this only delays the moment when the agents can no longer serve.

Less frequenty, an agent without any physical flaws will see his bones enchanted, or small items hidden into her body. These implants usually incurr less warping, and are less conspicious than normal magical items, allowing such operatives to sneak even under the eyes of ennemy magi.


These are magical items destined to replace a body part.
They usually warp their bearers by putting them under constant magical effects. While this can be avoided by a careful agent with one implant, this can quickly rank up up if she bears several prosthetics, or use multiple items.
Also, if they create an effect over level 30, they inflict one additional warping whenever activated, save if you're the lucky bearer of a newly-created implant designed for you.

Eye of Artemis

There are 2 versions of this item, which is designed to replace a missing eye. It often looks as a golden orb filling the eye socket, although silver variants do exist.
The first only has one effect, designed to enhance its bearer ability with bows and crowssbows.
Perfect Aim InAu(He) 30
Activated by pronuncing a simple command word, this item, by discerning the likeliest path of a wooden item in sight, gives +3 to attack. Furthermore, it temporarily negates the effect of the Missing eye flow regaring wooden items and allows one to see how air currents and atmospheric conditions will affect their path, further canceling up to 3 points of penalties due to wind or range.
Base 4, +1 touch, +4 vision, +1 Herbam requisite.

The second actually combines 2 item in one, since the eye is surrounded by a steel circle, separately enchanted with a variant of Eyes of the Eagle (Range: Touch, Duration: Diameter, level 25)

Arm of the Collossus

A metal forearm, usually immobile, but which can be activated by magic.
Lesser limbs obey vocal commands, and are generally less reactive, and thus only useful as crude replacement.
Metal Arm Re(Mu)Te 15
This can obey simple vocal commands, allowing it to seize and crush objets as if the bearer at strenght +5.
Base 3, +2 sun, +2 metal, Muto requisite required.

Advanced versions are few and far between, being buid as greater items inlaid with silver.
In addition to the Metal Arm effect above, with has a linked trigger for a final level of 18, they can react to their bearer's thoughts, making them effective replacement for a real limb, able to block attacks at a moments's notice.
Read Thoughts InMe 30
Reads the wearer's surface thoughts
Base 15, +1 Touch, +2 Sun
The Wizard's Parry ReTe(He) 13
As in Magi of Hermes 50, deflects one blow from a melee weapon, made of wood or steel, of which the caster is aware. As an advantage of a metal arm over a normal casting of this spell, the bearer is immune of any poison, flames… coating the parried blade.
Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Metal, +1 Herbam requisite, +3 linked trigger

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