Founded: 1014
Status: Autumn

Located in Granada, they consist of Hermetic Sahirs, Islamic Jerbiton magi, and others of House Criamon & Ex-Miscellanea. They have an alliance with the Knights of Seneca, and one of their members is an Islamic Flambeau Sahir and a member of the Knights of Seneca. They have a connection to Andorra as well. Andorra was revitalized by the Knights of Seneca, bringing with them the resources from the dissolved Covenant of Valencia. The Sahirs of Valencia, driven out by Almorovides, brought their share of the Valencia treasures to Estancia es Karida and recharged them so they could resist the Almorovides and come to an understanding with them. Estancia es Karida later came under pressure from the Almohades, but they were able to resist and pacify the invaders. This covenant’s official name is as listed above, but there are a number of alternate spellings and meanings that they use, an esoteric play on words that indicates the covenants original origins as a clutch of Criamon magi. These alternate names include (among others) Estancia Escarida, Stantia Escaritida, Al Estancia y los Queridas, and others (see Xavi’s etymology). The various possible meaning of their established & variant names include empty room, beloved room, undecorated ranch, the stand and the beloved, and others.

Resident Magi

  • Adaiah ex Miscellanea
  • Alarcon ex Criamon
  • Alvar Dawla ex Criamon
  • ibn-Hudhayl ex Criamon
  • Ishuah ex Miscellanea
  • Ravas Jugat ex Miscellanea
  • Terril Adan ex Miscellanea
  • Terah ex Jerbiton

Current Relations with Andorra

  • This covenant is an ally of the Knights of Seneca wherever they are, dating back to the days of El Cid & Vaencia.

Lucas's Contact

  • Terah ex Jerbiton
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