Eternal Flame Of Andorra

A well-known, but well guarded "secret", the Eternal Flame of Andorra is hidden deep in the basement, though in a different, part than the vault of valdarius: By design, the two sections don't connect.

He then leads you back up, through the donjon, into the basement, then down the stairs in a different part of the basement. They two sections don’t connect. This leads down into a tunnel into the side of the mountain. The Ice Chamber is embedded deeper into the mountain at a higher altitude, but if you could swim through rock, you could reach it by going… (looks around, then points) That way. .

There, if you take a tunnel burrowing into the side of the mountain, by walking leads down and around a short way, then you reach it. A normal size door, but made of steel. In this case, the door itself is enchanted with Intellego and Rego Magics, and will only open for a Knight of Seneca who bears the Brand of Andorra.

And there, in all of its eerie beauty, is the Eternal Flame of Andorra!

Jets of flame are a natural occurrence throughout the world, resulting from fissures in the earth releasing natural gas and being ignited. The Oracle of Delphi was such a flame. In Mythic Europe, they also have great mystical significance, and the Flame is one of the greatest, pulsing with fascinating, slightly hypnotic, almost overwhelming power. The effect is even stronger as those that, through Second Sight or other means, can perceive the full mystical power of the Eternal Flame.

When you toss a special powder in it, the mists rise, colored blue and green and white.
Inhaling the vapors induces Visions (as per the flaw) in those that have the Gift.
First, the colors appear to change to purple, red, yellow and green. A rainbow made of smoke and mist. The effect is a little hallucinatory at first, and then they come, the Visions in the Vapors! Eyes rolled up, people began babbling in tongues while they experience sights that peer through Space and Time.

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