1176 The Spider is born as Hélène

1182 Pythos is born as Periander.

1183 Prince Loukas is born, and his mother set aside by the emperor.

1187 Pythos begins apprenticeship under Aristeaus of Criamon in Thebes Tribunal. They travel to several different covenants, including the Cave of Twisting Shadows before he is done.
Carmen of Flambeau is born in Barcelona to Golda Simón, a Jewish seeress and party girl, and unwed mother. She brings the child to herfatherAntonio of Flambeau, who raises the child and has her baptized Carmalita Maria Perez.

1194 Carmen of Flambeau begins training as her father’s apprentice, showing aptitude and intelligece and a talent for Auram magic to rival her father’s.

1195 Hélène is gauntleted in Laguna Sententia, taking the name Arachné

1197 Arachné is contacted by Dorika Guernici, and joins the newly formed Insidiae Covenant

1199 Arachné is recognised the leader of a diabolical cult, which hints to her diabolic past. She is also grievoulsy wounded, and spends the rest of the season recovering, but is shaked by the event.

1200 Mercuria is born in a special Cult of Mercury ceremony.

1201 Guillaume Flambonis passes his gauntlet and becomes a full, though lowly, magus at Doissetep.
Loukas flees Constantinople for the Holy Roman Empire.
Anastasia Nikolaevna is born in Kiev.

1202 Pythos Criamonis completes apprenticeship, and spends the next several years navel gazing, possibly at Doisstep or the Cave.
Isabelle, Arachné's best friend and (unrecirpocated) love, gets married. The spider depresses, holes up into the lab, learning her arts and crafting more and more items to forget. She is then approached again by the magus that inducted her into infernal mysteries, promising that his masters can make Isabelle truly love her. Hélène is sorely tempted, but rejects him nonetheless, telling him to go to hell

1205 After the fall of Constantinople, Loukas begins his apprenticeship in the Rhine and Greater Alps Tribunals.
Elena is born in Calbinyà , Catalonia.

1207 The Shadow Flambeau are exposed

1208 Anastasia is claimed as an apprentice by Susan of Wicklow (the chief Redcap of the Novgorod Tribunal), and learns that her father was not Nikolai as she had thought, but the Redcap Gregori. Despite this revelation, Anastasia refuses to change her patronymic and still considers the knyaz her "real" father.
Hélène, Dorika and Clarisse find and kill Landis, a Shadow Flambeau.

1209 Carmen of Flambeau passes an old fashioned Flambeau Gauntlet, left alone without supplies in an unknown location (Morrocco), she outwitted Berber bandits and liberated a jinni from an evil sorcerer, and was delivered home on a flying carpet. She begins her first Longevity ritual at age 23 to preserve her youthful beauty (and for biological convenience).
Dorika negociates for her, Clarisse and Arachné to spend 2 season in Magvillus, to use their library and be taught in various disciplines, all so that they can be a better team.

1210 Guillaume Flambonis meets Carmen of Flambeau at Campo del Martes while fighting in the Shadow Wars.
Arachné befriend Antonio Perez while hunting diabolists

1212 Carmen of Flambeau takes Pietro of Flambeau as her mentor. As the Antares of the Archmagi, he deputizes her as a Warden. She meets Loukas in the Greater Alps at Juno's Spire, her mentor's covenant. Stuff happens. She started on Longevity right out of gauntlet ;) .

1213 Loukas meets Pythos of Criamon and Karandos of Flambeau at The Cave of Twisting Shadows.
Carmen of Flambeau is appointed as Junior Warden of Ultima Thule, assigned to Campus Ares where she participated in the war against Mogthrasir the Trollsynir.

1214 Elena is taken as an apprentice by the archmaga Fulminara
Arachné is asked by Antonio and Dimir Taar to work on the Vault's defenses. Both are satisfied by her work.

1215 Pythos Criamonis meets Guillaume Flambonis and Quaesitor Octavian of Tremere, as the Quaesitor futilely seeks help from Aristeaus. Guillaume manages to enlist the aid of naive Pythos instead.
Arachné learns that Isabelle and her husband have been killed, supposedly by a dragon. Grieving, she tracks down the beast, only to discover that it was a cover story concocted by the real killer, Asterion Ex Bjornaer. Wizard's war ensues. Twilight, too

1217 After having seen Guillaume Flambonis fight at Jafaryia, Quaesitor Octavian of Tremere recommends him to the Quaesitores as a potential Hoplite. Guillaume returns to Doissetep and remains there while beginning his work as a Hoplite.
Pythos, shamed by the limitations of his premonitions, moves to Iberia to help fight the Flaming Shadows.
Mercuria moves to Doissetep in the wake of a mysterious accident at her former covenant and becomes apprenticed to Ophilio of Mercere. There she meets Guillaume and Pythos, though they generally move in different circles.
Dorika, Clarisse and Arachné head to Magvillus, to receive further training in the Mercurian tradition.

1219 Carmen of Flambeau returns to Andorra and is made a full member with the rank of Mistress. The Antares (her mentor Pietro) appoints her as Warden of the Pyrenees (junior to her Father).

1220 Loukas the Redcap moves to Doissetep and is hired by Pythos of Criamon to help investigate infernalism in the Iberian Tribunal.
Octavian of Tremere and Inigo of Flambeau lead an expedition to find the hidden location of Val-Negra. The quest leads them to Barcelona, where they meet Trentus of Flambeau and learn of his battle with Metron and the secret portal at the Silver Rooster. Before entering the portal, Erat Caecus of Tytalus challenges them, and Inigo defeats him in certamen. Entering the portal, the magi discover the secret hideout of Metron of the Flaming Shadows (one of the few remaining renegades), who escapes. Inigo learns of the Lumina Prophocey from the ghost of Vancasitum, while Octavian discusses the mystery of Metron with Abaddon.
Carmen of Flambeau leads a different expedition, in her capacity as Warden, to explore the Caverns of Entropy in the West Pyrenees. The magi are beset and befuddled by faeries; Carmen acquires introspective insight about herself that has a positive and empowering effect upon her future relationships with men.

1221 Mercuria is proclaimed a full maga at the Provencal Tribunal of 1221, at which Guillaume Flambonis is present. She is later named a Priest of Mercury, which gives her a (non-voting) seat on Doissetep's governing council.
Anastasia stumbles into a faerie regio and meets Saam, King Frost. The two very quickly fall in love and begin an affair that lasts practically until her Gauntlet.
Arachné is hired by Lycaneon covenant (Transylvania to work on their defenses and supply them with charged items.

1222 During the Drake Hunt of 1222, the magi of Andorra manage to take down a monstrous beast called el Diablo Rojo by the terrorized locals. Though on fair ground according to treaty, the Dragon Sigmundo steps forth (in human form) to intercede on behalf of his favored child. Diablo Rojo is banished for 77 years, and the dragon still owes the covenant a favor.
Elena meets Carmen at the Fire Drake Hunt (which I would very much like to learn more about).
Arachné is contacted by the Diabolic Cult. They deny all allegiance to demons, and claim that Landis has returned as a demon, and offer their help in rounding him up. Arachné refuses.

1223 Pythos, at the urgings of Quaesitor Octavian, applies political pressure to take the next level of Mystery Initiation even though he is not ready. Octavian had recently encountered and slain the escaped renegade Relegare, and was on the hunt for Metron, so he is ruthless in his demands to ferret out the remaining Flaming Shadows.
Carmen of Flambeau is officially inducted as a Lady of Seneca, receiving a tiny brand from the Eternal Flame of Andorra.
Anastasia learns that she is pregnant by Saam. Susan forbids her from having any further contact with Saam, and goes into the regio with some magi to ensure that Saam no longer pursues any interest in Anastasia. Upon completing her gauntlet, Anastasia is sent to Cunfin, a Mercere house in Normandy. Shortly after arriving at Cunfin, Anastasia takes the Hermetic name Fédora and gives birth to her son, Semyon.
Signs that the info was right abound. The 3 maga are powerless to track down their ennemy, which causes a lot of trouble to them, and puts them close to having trouble with the Code. The cult contacts Archné again, but she refuses to deal with them. They then give her the information about where "Landis" is to be found. Reluctantly, Arachné uses it, and the maga of Insidiae are able to find and destroy the fell beast.

1224 Carmen of Flambeau is abducted by the efreet Khyron, Malik of the Arc of Fire. The magi of Andorra mount the Burning Brass Expedition to recover her. In the course of events, they trap Khyron in a brass bottle, release Carmen from the Prison of Glass, become drawn into Taglyn by the Mirror of Infinity, and therein encounter Metron who Octavian of Tremere subdues, captures, and takes back to Duresca. Afterwards, Carmen decides to tour the cities and covenants of Iberia with Estaban of Jerbiton (with her brother Alexandro as a chaperone).

1225 Melantha, her spirit ancestor, deeming Arachné ready, leads her on a mystical quest to a portal that leads them through the Magic Realm.

1227 Guillaume Flambonis and Carmen of Flambeau meet again in Iberia (Santiago de Compostella, near Duresca) while Guillaume is working as a Hoplite and simultaneously doing some Quaesitorial training.

1228 The maga of Insidiae are asked to investigate the disappearance of a covenant in the Levant. Death and mayhem ensues, as well as the destruction of Insidiae. Arachné subsequently joins Andorra, seeking to catch some breath among her friends there.

1229 Carmen of Flambeau parts ways with Estaban (on good terms). She and her brother Alexandro return to Andorra, and discover that it has been attacked and plundered, with all of the inhabitants either dead or missing, and her father presumably lost in Twilight. She puts out a call through the Knights of Seneca and her mentor the Antares for assistance in recovering from the disaster and seeking out those responsible.
While at Doissetep, Guillaume Flambonis receives the request from the Lady of Seneca Carmen of Flambeau to come help restore Andorra. Guillaume speaks to the other magi at Doissetep and sends letters throughout the year to recruit other magi to join him in assisting Carmen of Flambeau.
Mercuria makes plans to travel to Carmen's covenant in Andorra, there to fulfill her dying mother's last wishes of seeing her home village one last time. She also approaches Loukas the Redcap and invites him to assist her in re-establishing a Mercer House there. He agrees.
Pythos experiences a powerful vision and informs Loukas that he will be joining him.
Elena passes her gauntlet: going into a deep cavern in the Pyrenees to best a fire drake, retrieve its egg, and making it back out past her mater. Elena takes the Hermetic name Vibria. Shortly after passing her gauntlet, Carmen (who had been in attendance) invites her to join the revived Andorra Covenant.
Fédora decides to relocate to Provençal, the reviving covenant of Andorra, to be a small fish in a smallish pond rather than a small fish in a big pond.


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