• Faith Forest, a young orphan raised by infernalists, she has the potential to be a great teacher and scholar.
  • Farusca of Jerbiton, resident of Barcelona covenant, lives as a retired heiress, and her protégé Odo of Jerbition runs the Silver Rooster Inn.
  • Fausto, swordmaster of Andorra
  • Fédora of Mercere, past Mistress and former Herald. A beautiful Redcap of royal blood, wife of Vulcanus, mother of four children.
  • Flavia ex Bonisagus, a seeker who has devoted her life to uncovering the lost mysteries of the Cult of Mercury
  • Franc Several of Jerbiton, member of Barcelona covenant, faked his death several years ago and set up Constans of Jerbiton in his place. However, Franc cannot help but to meddle and get involved and still manages a small private financial empire operated through his agents.
  • Francois of Jerbiton, an openly homosexual member of Bellaquin covenant who dresses scantily.
  • Fredrick II, the Holy roman Emperor, King of Jerusalem, King of Sicily, Germany, and parts of Italy; rumored to employ a powerful hedge wizard.

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