Faith Forest

As of 1237


Characteristics: Int +3, Com +2, Str+2, Per-3, Pre+2, Qik+1, Sta+0, Dex+0
Traits: Fear of Priests +3, Peaceful +3
Age: 19
Confidence: 0
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0


Educated, Arcane Lore, Improved Characteristics


Noncombatant, Divine Stigmata, Fear: Priests
Note: Divine Stigmata manifests infernal symbols apparently scratched into her skin.


Faerie Lore 2 (Dragons)
Infernal Lore 3 (Dragons)
Magic Lore 2 (Dragons)
Latin 5 (Curses)
Artes Liberales 2 (Geometry)
Philosophae 5 (16) (Lab work)
Medicine 5 (7) (Elixers)
Chirgury 4 (12) (Battle Injuries)
Catholic Church Lore 2 (Corrupt Members)
Civil and Cannon Law 2 (Loopholes)
Divine Lore 2 (Saints)
Profession Scribe 1 (Letters)
Stealth 3 (Moonlight)
Survival 2 (Forests)
Area Lore: The Nunnery of the White Widow 2 (Hiding places)
French 5 (Curses)
Basque 1 (3) (injury descriptions)
Teaching: 2 (academic subjects)
Apothacary:3 (gathering materials)

Tonic of Gold (theriatric)


Faith's earliest memories are of the orphanage/nunnery at which she was raised. The place was normal as far as she knew, but it was far from normal. The order of nuns had been nearly completely corrupted or failing that enthralled with dark power. Everything was tense when a priest showed up the nuns fearing the priest would become suspicious which led to Faith's fear of priests. Eventually it came time to have Bless become initiated into the infernal rituals and such and Faith promptly fled when she found out, sneaking away in the dead of night. Wandering in the wilderness she came to the covenant lost and hungry. Will they really turn away a young lost orphan who is educated in matters mundane and mystical?


1237- work at hospital. 2 seasons exposure in medicine, 1 season apprentice medicine (skill 5, 8 xp) 1 season self study Basque (8 xp)
1238- 2 seasons training with Marius (philosophae- SQ:11), 2 seasons study with Marius (medicine & philosophy)
1239- work at hospital: 1 season medicine, 1 season Chirurgy, read In Consideration of Hipocrates and the Art of Corpus (SQ:11 medicine)- divert 5 xp to tonic of gold, 1 season apprentice philosophae (SQ:11)
1240- work at hospital: 1 season medicine, 1 season chirurgy, read primer of hipocrates 2 seasons (SQ:14 chirurgy)
1241- read life of Socrates (SQ:15 teaching), study apothecary from Marius (SQ:28), gather apothecary supplies (2xp apothecary), assist in creating tonic of gold (2xp medicine)

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