Father Vilanis

NOTE: I have acquired RoP: The Divine, and have just seen the rules on holy mythical companions. I have rejiggered Fr. Vilanis to be Mythic Companion level. I did this because I would like him to become a regular NPC who represents the good side of the Church. Almost every other depiction in the saga (save Fr. Gonzoles) has been bad or corrupt. I'd like him to be around to remind people that churchmen can be good. I'd also like him to be a character who can stand up to magi, or at least not get pushed around by them. He will also be a nice counterpoint to the Bishop of Urgell, who's starting to look more sinister.

Mythic Companion Template: Holy Man of God
Holy Tradition: Monastics


Father Matheus Vilanis is a a Franciscan monk and priest who served in the Papal Inquisition. He is a lawyer by training, and serves the Church in that capacity. He came to Arans in 1237 looking for a heretic and blasphemer.

Year: Winter, 1237
Age: 42 (42)
Size: 0
Decrepitude: 0(0)
Faith: 2 (12)
Magic Resistance: 20 (True Faith) + 10 (Relic) = 30


Intelligence +3
Perception +2
Strength -2
Stamina +3
Presence +2
Communication +1
Dexterity -2
Quickness -2


Adjuration [+3]
Arcane Lore [+1]
Ceremony [+1]
Immunity to the Gift [+1]
Improved Characteristics [+1]
Mild Aging [+1]
Piercing Gaze [+1]
Premonitions [+0]2
Protection (the Vatican) [+1]
Purity [+3]
Relic (knuckle bone of St. Jerome) [+1]
Sense Holiness and Unholiness [+0]1
True Faith 2 [+6]

1 - Free from Mythic Companion
2 - Free from True Faith


Enemies (heretics) [-3]
Pious [-3]
Mentor (cardinal) [-1]
Ability Block - Martial [-1]
Temperate [-1]
Minor Vow - celibacy [-1]


Animal Handling (donkeys) 1
Area Lore: Provencal (people) 2
Area Lore: Catalan (people) 1
Artes Liberales [Latin and Greek] (rhetoric) 2
Athletics (walking) 1
Awareness (detecting lies) 3
Charm (reassuring people) 3
Civil and Canon Law (papal laws) 3
Concentration (prayer) 4
Dominion Lore (saints) 4
Etiquette (clergy) 2
Faerie Lore (types of faeries) 1
Folk Ken (townsfolk) 3
French: Languedoc (extensive vocabulary) 5
Guile (lying to protect others) 1
Infernal Lore (demons) 2
Intrigue (gossip) 2
Latin (church usage) 5
Leadership (in the church) 2
Magical Lore (magi) 1
Music (singing) 1
Occitan: Catalan (conversational) 4
Org Lore: Catholic Church (personalities) 2
Philosophiae (moral philosophy) 3
Profession: Gardener (herbs) 1
Ride (donkeys) 1
Scribe (copying books) 1
Spanish: Castillian (conversational) 4
Teaching (acolytes) 2
Theology: Christian (heresy) 4


Adjuration (dispelling) 3
Ceremony (Understanding) 3
Meditation (receiving visions) 4
Premonitions (threats to the Church) 1
Purity(dispelling) 4
Second Sight (illusions) 2
Sense Holiness and Unholiness (evil) 3
Transcendence (personal protection from mystical influence) 2
Understanding (receiving guidance from the Lord) 4


Pious +3
Temperate +2
Friendly +1


The Knuckle Bone of St. Jerome

This relic is contained in the center of a wooden cross that Fr. Vilanis wears around his neck.

Faith: 1
Divine Might: 10
Power: Grant of Serenity, 1 point, Init –10, Mentem.
This power calms an agitated or worried petitioner, soothing her fears and calming her anxiety, and is very similar to the Hermetic spell Enchantment of Detachment. Unlike the spell, this power will also nullify any malign Mentem spell currently affecting the target.

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