Founded: 1039
Status: Autumn

The covenant of Fengheld is the largest in the Rhine Tribunal, both in sheer physical size and in the number of magi who it claims as members. It is also perhaps the most diverse of the Rhine covenants, having no single House or gild dominating its membership. This Autumn covenant is perceived as the most neutral of the covenants in the Tribunal, although the more paranoid magi have suspicions regarding its true agenda. It likes to give the image of being politically impartial, and a peacemaker — both the Apple and Linden Gilds were formed by members of this covenant — and often adjudicates conflicts between covenants; nevertheless, its main purpose is to keep all the other covenants so bound up in political machinations that they don’t notice the burgeoning power of Fengheld. So far, this policy has been successful — although the covenant now commands more than forty Tribunal votes, nearly a quarter of the total, they are seldom all cast together.

Fengheld has a Mercer House, one of two in the Rhine.

Resident Magi

  • Casper of Bonisagus, a lead researcher on the topic of the hedge wizard allegedly serving Frederick II.
  • Daedalus ex Verditius

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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