Flambeau's History

1) It all starts with the Cult of Mercury.
2) A Visigoth wizard named Delendar takes Reculed Aneus Secneca as his apprentice.
3) The two become a fearsome duo wreaking havoc against Moorish invaders.
4) Delendar dies in battle, and afterward Reculed crosses over into France and takes (or is given) the name Flambeau.
5) Flambeau is approached and recruited by Trianoma, who impresses him with the breakthrough of Parma Magica.
6) Historic Fact: GotF, page 140. "767-773; Flambeau departs Durenmar with a number of his apprentices to found the covenant of Val-Negra in the Pyrenees."
7) Flambeau dies in 788, during a pitched battle and last stand against his enemies. He had seven of his followers with him (the 7 Flambeau Champions). All except one fall in battle before him, Delenos is the last survivor and is given the last secrets and instructions of his master moments before Flambeau exploded (on purpose or in Twilight?).

Delendos and the *only other surviving filius* of Flambeau, namely Apromor, depart on a mysterious mission for over a year (why?), and keep events secret. When the return, they act as if Flambeau was still alive and off on a secret mission, so as to not distract anyone from the then current war against Davnavelous. Elaine is presented to the Order as the last apprentice of Flambeau, Apromor becomes primus, and Delendos wanders away forgotten, re-emerging during the Schism War.

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