Fleur Of Bonisagus

Character Sheet
Sanctum and Laboratory

Born in 1214, Fleur is 28, a slender young woman with dark, short cut hair, an aquiline nose and otherwise what would traditionally be described as Mediterranean features.

Fleur is from the Canem de Mere Covenant near Marseilles, where she was born, apprenticed early, and gauntleted in the winter of 1234.
She has a certain fixation with sex and reproduction, and hearing tales from her parens of the caves which were sacked for vis early in her own covenant's history, and his bemoaning the fact that the founders chose to pillage the caves for vis rather than knowledge.
She has heard about the caves of Entropy near the Covenant of Andorra, in addition to the covenant being outside any tribunal, and is looking to explore the caves for any signs of magical knowledge she can integrate into her hermetic understanding.

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