Fleur of Bonisagus: Grimoire

Character Sheet
Sanctum and Laboratory


Rego Animal

Armor from Hide ReAn 04
Takes raw leather or animal hide and crafts it into leather armor. Requires a finesse roll.
Base: 3, range touch (+1)


Creo Corpus

Touch of the Moderated Wound CrCo 20 (Ritual)
Heals a wound 1 level, instantly
Base 15, range touch (+1), Ritual

Love's Labors Eased CrCo 25
Gives a woman +6 for childbearing rolls if she gives birth before the next moon
Base:5, range: touch (+1), Duration:moon (+3)

Assurance of the Eased Recovery CrCo 30
Gives +15 bonus to recovery from wounds for 1 month.
Base 10, range touch (+1), target individual, duration moon (+3)

Perdo Corpus

Touch of the Barren Moon PeCo 25
Makes a woman barren for one month, during which time she also will not suffer from a menses.
Base effect 5, range touch (+1), duration moon (+3), target individual


Creo Herbam

Resupply the Archer’s Quiver CrHe 05
Creates 10 arrows which last long enough to be fired in combat, requiring a finesse roll for quality. The arrows lack feathers and will be fletched with plant material. It also has a sharpened point in lieu of arrowheads.
Base 2, Range: Touch (+1), Duration: diameter (+1), Target: group (+2)


Creo IGnem

Incantation of the Well Lit Lab CrIg 30
Lights a room to the level of a cloudy day
Base 4, Range: Touch (+1), Duration: month (+3), target:room (+2)


Intellego Imaginem

Comprehension of the Whispered Word InIm 04
Allows a magus to hear what the target is saying, even if the words are whispered at a distance after casting.
Base 1, range: touch (+1), duration sun (+2), target individual


Creo Mentem

Silent Orders to the Unit CrMe 25
Transmits the orders (either from the magus or relayed through them) to a unit of grogs directly into their minds: For the spell's duration, anything she whispers will be heard in the target's mind.
Base 3, range voice (+2), duration sun (+2), Target Group (+2)

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